Creating poverty IDS style

Thu, 28/03/2013 - 17:00
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 “This country is not cutting welfare; it is managing growth at a lower level” Ian Duncan-Smith

By Northernscot- Yesterday posh Tory boy Ian Duncan-Smith came to Scotland to deliver a speech, but was interrupted by disabled Scots bitterly attacking him for the cull of genuine disabled people off financial help into abject poverty, care of the nasty Tories. Duncan-Smith turned to the protesters and said “This country is not cutting welfare; It is managing growth at a lower level.

We in Scottish BNP thought the days of New Labour spin was over, but Duncan-Smith’s quote beats them all. To suggest that his welfare reforms are not about cutting welfare might leave some to call him a liar.

Managing its growth at a lower level is something we would expect Sir Humphrey in “Yes Prime Minister” to quote. It is well known across Scotland and Britain that the new reforms plan to remove 2 million people off the old Incapacity Benefit from 2.5 million in receipt.

It is known that the new rules for DLA re branded as “PIP” make it difficult for people to qualify for it. It is clear that the bedroom tax is going to make many Scots and fellow British very poor at no fault of their own making.

We understand that welfare was in desperate need of change, there’s no doubt about that. We agree that far too many people where just left on Incapacity with no help towards a working life.

Yet Duncan-Smith reforms have gone further than just removing those who could look for work. It has routinely removed tens of thousands, if not over one million real disabled people who have no ability to work due to their disability.

By removing them from the benefit for sickness his reforms place them on job seeker ESA at a lower rate. That is cutting welfare. Duncan-Smiths reforms are ideological.

He spent time in the USA before taking office in the government, studying the American version of welfare. We can tell you its pretty awful, with millions of Americans surviving on food banks; sound familiar doesn’t it now days.

In the USA one in four American children are on food stamps. Such is the wonderful system that he studied. In Britain we are seeing the wholesale dismantling of our welfare system not reforming it.

Often we hear Tory Ministers saying we are targeting welfare to those most in need. Goodness, at this rate that must mean around 25 people in the UK.

We have read daily in newspapers concerning the terrible decisions by ATOS and the DWP, dumping very disabled Scots of welfare when even Mickey Mouse could see they couldn't cope working.

Yesterday’s calls at Duncan-Smith were filmed and reported on. It did not look good for him, it was a PR disaster, yet does he care a toss?

One heckler called out to the smug IDS “A bullet in the head would be easier and kinder to most of us rather than just letting us rot.”

Another called out “We want a different Scotland- one that cares for people. You are going to make millions of people homeless. You’re making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. You are creating a new Poll Tax.”

We in Scottish BNP fully agree with the hecklers sentiments.

Another heckler said “I would love to go back to work. I would give my eye teeth to get back to work-unfortunately, I have suffered a number strokes and a viral infection which totally from working.

What I feel is that this Government are saying that if you are unlucky to be on benefits, you are just the scum of the earth. Somebody once said that evil in this world prospers when good men stand by and do nothing.”

We in Scottish BNP understand that many disabled Scots who cannot work are being punished by a rich Tory boy’s plans. We also stand by all those decent Scots who find that the nasty Tories are penalising them for having a spare bedroom.

Where are they supposed to go as there is already a massive shortage of one and two bedroom properties not only in Scotland but Britain?

These reforms are all about cutting and destroying welfare, to the point only a tiny few will possibly qualify and thus Duncan-Smiths words we say are not fair, some might say he is a liar.

It is no wonder that hate crime towards disabled people in Britain has hit new heights, when his party continues to demonise disabled men and women.

Below is the video of the news report for you to see this rich Tory boy in action.

See video

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