Circulation of anti-BNP newspapers declined again in February

Sun, 17/03/2013 - 07:00
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By Giuseppe De Santis -Good news for nationalists and not only because circulation of anti-BNP newspapers declined again in February.

For the first time ever the circulation of The Guardian dropped below the 200,000 threshold, so much that the average was 193,583, a sign that our boycott campaign is yielding results.


Average sale % change bulks

Daily Mirror 1,037,582 -5.91 15,007
Daily Record 256,024 -9.97 1,862
Daily Star 535,709 -13.19
The Sun 2,281,990 -11.63
Daily Express 528,941 -8.42
Daily Mail 1,829,266 -5.97 89,931
The Daily Telegraph 541,036 -6.52
Financial Times 269,121 -14.97 29,217
The Guardian 193,586 -10.37
i 298,206 12.77 64,568
The Independent 75,125 -28.56 18,075
The Times 393,814 -0.94 18,547


Average sale % change bulks

Daily Star Sunday 340,105 -43.23
The Sun (Sunday) 1,912,643 -40.48
Sunday Mail 289,015 -21.60 684
Sunday Mirror 1,051,314 -34.06 15,005
Sunday People 427,635 -39.02
Sunday Express 466,395 -17.86
Sunday Post 240,624 -17.49
The Mail on Sunday 1,697,087 -9.85 74,549
Independent on Sunday 113,597 -8.58 54,204
The Observer 223,588 -11.63
The Sunday Telegraph 429,346 -6.92
The Sunday Times 875,434 -6.81 10,499

The drop in circulation of The Guardian and The Observer will surely increase the financial strain on the Guardian News and Media, the company that publishes the two titles.

For that reason it's extremely important to keep up the pressure and continue to boycott those two rags as well as Autotrader.

By doing so we can increase the chance that those newspapers will close down for good, sooner rather than later, and teach those arrogant journalists a lesson that they will never forget.

We can still achieve a lot more and what is needed is a little effort.
Because together we can.

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