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Tue, 12/03/2013 - 06:00
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Miliband desperate for the anti-immigration vote? Neither do we or the ethnic British accept your apology

By Northernscot-Labour’s weak leader Ed Miliband, is yet again having one of those redemption moments in his attempts to distance himself from the Blair/Brown Labour governments.

For years Labour welcomed almost anyone who wanted to flood our Island through asylum seeking or just mass immigration/ invasion.

When the British National Party stood up back in the 1990’s under the Blair government and stated that immigration was out of control, we were labelled racist.

When Brown took over, we continued to warn of the paedo gangs within the Islamic community, we campaigned that the Eastern Block of Europe would result in untold numbers taking British jobs and much needed housing.

When we warned that the mass numbers of asylum seekers and plain old welfare/economic immigration from especially Africa and Islamic countries was out of control, we were again called racist and other derogatory names.

Yet now, it appears that Miliband has seen the light and admits that immigration is too high and it was Labour’s fault!

A cynic would say that he’s moved the position due to the fact that a vast majority of Brits have had enough of asylum seekers and the invasion of welfare/economic immigrants.

A cynic would say that Red Ed has noticed the popularity of the BNP’s and UKIP’s message concerning immigration with many ordinary ethnic Brits.

A cynic would say that Red Ed is chasing these votes, a man of the people, and ”One nation under Miliband.”

Are we expecting Red Ed to apologise to all those patriots in the British National Party for Labour politicians and Labour local workers remarks concerning our apparent genuine concerns over our country’s take over by immigration?

No chance, but we do hope that the echoes of our supporters get stuck in his throat, “Miliband the man of the people.”

So the pace of change (mass asylum seekers and welfare/economic immigrants) upset the British public, under-cutting wages they bleat, low-skill immigration hurt British workers.

Oh how wonderful it must be for Red Ed to have woken up one morning and found the light, the way forward, like a prophet leading his people (Labour Party) to redemption.

Thanks to the far-left, we have seen millions of fake asylum seekers and immigrants flood our shores, taking British peoples jobs, housing, straining our schools, draining the health service, taking up social services time and money, and not forgetting the welfare boom that has paid out untold millions upon millions of your taxpayers funds.

Miliband might now see the light and future votes, but we in the British National Party will never forget that it was Labour that opened the flood gates and regularly attacked us as racist’s when we warned the public of what was happening.

The fact remains that Red Ed is a weak leader in the eyes of most ethnic Britons.

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