CH4 Documentary Focuses on Grooming Scandal in Shropshire

Wed, 22/05/2013 - 17:00
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By Phil Reddall-The horrific abuse and sexual exploitation of schoolgirls by a group of Asian men in Shropshire – and the problems facing police officers in bringing them to justice without being accused of racism – is to be exposed in a hard-hitting TV documentary this Thursday at 9pm.

Channel Four’s Dispatches team was given access to Telford police during Operation Chalice, one of the country’s largest ever child sex abuse investigations.

And the results, including candid interviews with many of the leading detectives, are revealed in an hour-long special, The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs, at 9pm on Thursday.
Mr Heneghan (for CH4) said the programme examined how Telford Police also had to face the reality that the men who were perpetrators in this case were all British Pakistanis.

“As one of the DCI’s in charge of launching the initial arrests says: ‘How do you deal with that, without being accused of being racist? My view is this: I’ve got a bunch of criminals, I don’t care what background they come from, I don’t care about anything else about them other than that they are gang-raping young girls’.”

Shropshire Patriot says that in this particular case, the police seem to be confused between race and religion.

Read the full article from the Shropshire Star here and watch the Dispatches documentary at 9pm on Channel 4 this Thursday 23rd May.

If you miss the programme, CH4 can be viewed online here.

Will Shropshire BNP feature, considering that our campaigning helped to raise this issue in the first place? Remember, Nick Griffin spoke about this many years ago and the Establishment twice tried to jail him for doing so.

We were right, we are right and we always intend to get it right.
One day our people will awake and say, "No More!”

Defend Our Children! 

Another crack in the controlled media’s iron curtain of silence


Do you care about your children, what about somebody else children? We in the BNP care for and will protect all children. That is why the BNP has for more than ten years been the only party campaigning to bring Muslim paedophiles to justice.

For far too long, the police, political class and indeed the entire Establishment refused to act, for fear of offending the Muslim block vote or of exposing the failure of their ´multi-racial experiment´.

They denied the problem even existed, thereby sacrificing thousands of innocent children on the altar of political correctness.

Well we in the BNP are not afraid to be called racist, as this is a price worth paying to expose the disgusting crimes of these racist grooming gangs, and their cowardly Establishment protectors.

Time is running out for these cowards and their disgusting crimes. In life things have a habit of going full circle with the truth coming out, they can't hide. 

Channel 4 has stood out from all the rest of the media pack in being willing to go at least some way to exposing this scandal.

Back in 2004 West Yorkshire police even forced them to postpone showing a programme about Muslim grooming gangs preying on English girls until after the local elections in that year!

Now, Channel 4 are again going out on a limb. In a sign of the continued power of political correctness, they have felt the need to cover themselves by using a Muslim woman to make their latest documentary exposing Muslim paedophile gangs in Britain. 

Still, every effort to expose the crimes and to protect our girls is welcomed and the BNP thanks this lady for her courage.

We hope that decent members of the Muslim community will follow her lead and condemn and turn in the criminals in their midst.

Nearly ten years ago the media circus rolled out blanket condemnation of Nick Griffin for daring to campaign on this issue, but what have the likes of the BBC done to protect these children since then?


Meanwhile, pressure from the BNP has led to the prosecution and imprisonment of a number of grooming gangs, and footage of some of our campaigning activities may well be shown in the programme.

Whatever they show, it is much better than the usual media silence, so make sure that, as well as watching this yourself, you use social media to spread the word as wide as possible so that even more people see it and get a glimpse of the problem - to which we alone have the answer.


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