Cameron in trouble

Thu, 16/05/2013 - 13:00
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By Northernscot-The sight of an American President having to give David Cameron a helping hand to keep us Brits in line over Europe, was quite amazing.

Obama like Cameron wants Britain to play a central role in the European Union, whereas many Scots and fellow British are wise and see that the European Union wants to curtail Britain’s opposition to the almighty United States of Europe plan.

Barrack Hussein Obama told you and me from the White House in Washington that if a relationship is broken then it’s better to mend it.

Well Mr Obama, we think you should look after your own problems, such as rampant out of control gun crime. You have drug warfare on American streets; your poor are beyond poor, they are in abject poverty with one in four American children surviving on food stamps.

Far too often America thinks it has the right to stick its nose in to every conflict around the globe. Mr Obama, we the people of this land do not like the way the EU is heading, and we want to get off the bus.

David Cameron went to the Houses of Parliament, a Prime Minister in real trouble, and delivered a rushed bill to outline the road-map towards a referendum on European Membership.

He is desperate to mend quickly the cracks that are opening up in his party, the one’s that UKIP, the new right-wing Conservative party have widened.

Cameron plans to give us a date for the next Parliament to have the vote. After re-negotiating a treaty or claiming back rights from Europe, then with the changes we will vote. Will it be a yes or no vote, we wonder.

Don’t be surprised if a third question is asked, which will be to accept a bodged new treaty sold to you and me as releasing us much more from the EU tentacles, and that is the one to expect him to sell.

David Cameron is a Euro hugger and does not want to leave the EU one bit. But be warned over this proposed referendum bill. It all relies on Cameron getting re-elected next time and having a voting majority in Parliament. Both of which are very unlikely to happen.

Labour and the Lib Dems are Euro friendly; do you see them enacting such a bill?
We wonder how long it will be before right-wing Tories jump ship and join up with the new Conservative party-UKIP.

Cameron’s leadership is looking in trouble; his party appears to be self-imploding whilst Euro buddies Clegg and Miliband watch in amazement.
For Miliband, there is real danger here, for if his party is seen as opposed to an in or out vote, then it could be bad news when it comes to the next British general election.

Can you imagine the position of Europe held over his head, one of pro EU? This would be used against him and the Lib-Dem’s to display that only the Tories were committed to giving the people a vote on Europe.

It would certainly destroy Labours chance of an outright victory.

One thing is for certain, the British people are fed up with the European Union as it is set up.

Unless ground breaking reform is made, and that means reducing the EU back to its original structure, being a free trade organisation, then the British public will continue to want their countries sovereign status to be returned in-tact.

And if that means leaving the EU, they will. We in the Scottish BNP believe that Britain's future lies outwith the EU. We also believe that we as a country will continue to trade with other nations and that foreign investment will continue to come to our land.

We should not be worried about a post-EU Britain; rather we should look forward to the possible future.

Don’t be surprised if other European Country’s follow our path in the near future.

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