Calling ALL Service / Ex Service Personnel

Thu, 17/01/2013 - 15:00
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Your Country Needs You!  Now More Than Ever!

The end of your service does not have to be the end of your service. There are many ex-service personnel within the British National Party, me included.

Our Party is a party of activists and we are looking to recruit people who have been active in the Armed Forces.

We need their expertise and well honed skills to help us move forward into what are going to be some very difficult and testing times in the years to come.

We are engaged in many activities where organisational skills and good time-keeping are paramount.

Perhaps you have these qualities and you want to put them to good use. If you do we would be over-the-moon to hear from you.

As the Dalai Lama once said “Real compassion comes from seeing the suffering of others. You feel a sense of responsibility, and you want to do something for them”

Ex-service and serving personnel have seen their share of suffering. It is happening here in Blighty right under our noses now, today.

Our people are suffering the length and breadth of our nation for many different reasons and things will only get worse; many of these people are ex-forces, used and cast aside by the out-of-touch political elite who couldn’t care less or give a damn.

Lets sort out these problems before we look further afield; after all, charity does begin at home.

Ex-service personnel are more than equipped to help our own. By being part of our movement they can help us to offer people hope where at the moment they can only find misery.

There is a lot to do and should you wish to join us in our fight, you can be part of it.

If you are reading this and you are a serving member of the Armed Forces worry not.

You too can become a member of the British National Party; many of your colleagues already are.

Unlike the Police Force and Prison Service where, at the moment personnel are not allowed to join because of the illegal fascist regime operating in these sectors, Armed Forces personnel are free to take up membership.

Despite what rumours may be banded around they are not exempt. If you wish to join you can, quite freely and without the worry of persecution.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that once you leave the forces we will be here for you when the other political parties won’t be.

You can join the British National Party by clicking here;

The British National Party also has its own affiliated special home for veterans.

The British Veterans Group (BVG), which was founded in 2010.

The BVG is actively engaged in activities to raise awareness on issues relating to our Armed Forces.

They have carried out demonstrations to end the war in Afghanistan at several of the traitorous main party conferences and have actively campaigned to get all veterans issued with the Queens Diamond Jubilee medal.

Members of the BVG also handed in a 10,000 signature strong petition demanding an end to the Afghan war at 10 Downing Street.
For more details about the BVG please email or call BVG Officer Pete Molloy on 07931 630 881.

Their website can be viewed at

By joining the ranks of the British National Party / BVG you will be offering your expertise and energy in the fight to make our country great again.

It can be; with your help.
If you think you can help us and want to get in touch with your local organiser please go to for their details.

Everyone can do something. Join our fight today.
"Pro Britannia – For Britain"


Adam Walker

National Organiser

Formally 24656698 Tpr Walker of the 15th / 19th The Kings Royal Hussars

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