Bulls, Applecarts and Opposition. Part One.

Sat, 06/04/2013 - 20:00
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By Nathaniel Greene-Winning hearts and minds, What have we got to do to win?

The British National Party is popular with very large numbers of the ordinary people who are sick to death of the failures and treachery of the old political insider class - everyone who has manned a street stall and given out leaflets recently knows that.

But this potential is not translating into winning votes - we all know that too. Why is that, and how are we going to turn things around?

The 'why' is simple. In many of our working class heartland areas somewhere between 10 - 15% of residents are so disgusted by the antics of the old politicians that they don't even bother to register to vote.

Many of our most enthusiastic supporters have given up their chance to vote.
And when it comes to polling day, up to 80% of those registered to vote don't bother.

We've knocked some of their doors recently to ask why and the answer is the same: Politicians are all selfish crooks, they've ruined the country but it's not worth voting.

These days where everyone is brainwashed by the media the entire electorate is given promise after promise by our national leaders. Invariably these promises never materialise and the electorate, even the faithful electorate, are left frustrated.

Using the media in this way is lazy, inept and stupid. Politicians that do this are congenital idiots. Our politicians are exam-passers without, for the most part, any practical experience.

They are giving you a prime opportunity to prove how useless they are.
Although many of our members are as well qualified as the political class, what marks us out as a political group is that we are very good at doing political activity.

Up until now this ability has been committed to conventional activities such as extensive leafleting, successful demonstrations against mosques and BBC paedophiles, and prominent street stalls promoting campaigns to bring our troops back from Afghanistan.
All these are invaluable as a way of recruiting and retaining the activist minority, but in terms of winning over the public, the reality is that they are unlikely to reach those who have given up on politics.

Every single voter in the country knows that we exist and many have some idea what we stand for. Now it is time to prove to our people, the indigenous people of Britain, that we are worthy of their respect by giving practical quantifiable help where it is needed.

By doing things that incontrovertibly are benefitting our community we are laying the foundations of a new campaign that will one day encourage our most staunch opponents to vote for us.

One piece of practical proof is worth a thousand promises.
While the political class tax us 50% and fail to fulfil a single promise we will tax no one and use donations, guile and discretion to look after our people.

This is a golden opportunity where we can prove our worth as an organisation and show up Westminster for the inept, self seeking perverts that they are.

This is why the leadership has recently started putting a lot of emphasis on more practical 'hearts and minds' community action. From clearing snow off pensioners' paths through to street stall food banks, all have the same basic aim - to prove by concrete deeds rather than my pretty words that the British National Party really is different.

The enthusiastic public response, particularly to the street food bank experiments, is clear proof that we're on the right track, but the experience of the Gooshays by-election in Essex last month shows we have to go further.

Our vote held rock solid while Ukip devastated the votes of LabLibCon, but to increase our vote by mobilising current non-voters, we clearly must do more.

Raw enthusiasm will only convert into solid votes when our hearts and minds operations like food banks are DIRECTLY tied in to specific electoral areas.

Street by street, house by house, heart by heart. All else is window dressing and empty sloganising.
So the logical and successful extension to our community action efforts is to establish Ward Teams to protect and care for the elderly and raising funds to achieve this aim.

Because this is so new and so radical, it's likely that quite a few of our current officials will do what's normal human nature and stick to doing things the old way.

If you come up against such blinkered small C conservatism, just leave them to do things the old way and go round them! The leaflets to start door-to-door car-boot item collections are on this website.

Just pick your target area (neglected, white working class community estate) and get to work.

We'll look at what such deep community action work involves in the next part of this article.

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