British Scientist Plans To Destroy World.

Tue, 29/01/2013 - 10:00
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 A report into a development within the oil industry.
By Nathaniel Greene.

A fortnight ago at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington Gore, London, a prominent British Scientist explained how tax payer's money is being used to increase the profits of an unnamed US oil company (possibly Exxon?)

Professor Phil Ashworth of Brighton University Sussex spends his entire life searching for oil deposits on behalf of a US oil giant he is contractually obliged not to mention.

Ashworth, who is employed by a tax payer funded British institution, has developed a sophisticated technique which will permit oil companies to exploit hitherto impossible to extract oil deposits.

His particular speciality is rivers. His main concerns are for the 100 largest rivers such as the Amazon, Brahmaputra, Mekong and Yangtze Kiang.

These rivers have been in existence for millions of years and contain enormous deposits of hydrocarbons often within as little as 15 feet from the surface of the water.

This oil is contained in a tar like sludge trapped within alluvial deposits of silt and sand on the river bed.
The cost of extraction is US$46 a barrel which means that it is only commercially viable to extract this oil when the wholesale price is in excess of US$100 a barrel.

Today's price is US$111 a barrel and the unnamable US oil giant, probably known as Exxon, is ready to exploit what is likely to be 40 year's worth of oil from these 100 rivers.

The oil tar deposits formed from ancient rotted vegetation has gradually moved down stream over the last several millions of years.

The gritty hydrocarbon deposits are trapped by clay banks, islands and the rock foundations of the river itself.

Ashworth uses a sophisticated ground sonar device either mounted on a chariot or in a motor launch. The equipment scans the river bed with 512 individual beams which creates a 3D image of the silt deposits on the river bed. From the reflection of the sonar, maps are created.

When the silt forms in a particular way it is clear that certain deposits contain the oil tar which will produce the heavy crude oil required.

The technique of extraction is very simple. Hollow tubes up to a mile or two in length are inserted horizontally along the base, and another set at the top, of the deposit.

In these giant rivers deposits can be half a mile across and from 5 to 100 feet deep, consequently thousands of tubes need to be inserted.

Various chemicals propelled by high pressure high temperature steam are forced down the tubes and introduced into the hydrocarbon deposit.

This makes the oil more viscous allowing it to rise to the top of the deposit where it is extracted for processing.
There are horrendous problems with this method of extraction where chemicals used to release oil, escape, together with hydrocarbon particles into the river.

These pollutants will destroy the entire eco system in each river. Land based plant life on the river banks will be destroyed and along with the vegetation human communities will be wiped out too.
Added to this fresh water will be contaminated meaning crops even a hundred miles from the river will be poisoned.

Finally the contaminated river water and silt will issue into the world's oceans destroying every living thing there as well.
Ashworth and (Exxon?) are using British tax payer's money for a quick easy profit which will result in the total destruction of the world, its eco systems and peoples.

Ashworth and the unnamable US oil giant need to be stopped before they destroy the world.

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