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Thu, 27/09/2012 - 05:00
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By British Lion-As a British citizen who has worked overseas in many countries for many years, there are no words to describe the downhill slope that UK is sliding down at high speed.

I suppose it’s because the average citizen who resides in UK doesn’t readily see any vast change on a daily basis, but for someone who spends long periods of time out of UK, coming back home is coming back to a shocking reality.

The silent majority in the UK, put their hopes in the Government elect.

A government which will slowly stand by, and watch, as the countries morality its pride, and its sense of fair play is slowly eroded away. WHY?  because we are an example to the world (so they tell us) of a free and fair democratic society.
However in this perfect multicultural society such is Britain as were led to believe, there seems to be a few major flaws which politicians seem to deliberately overlook.

We are told to be tolerant to the ethnic minorities that reside in the UK. We are told to tolerant and sensitive to all the different religious groups that reside and practice there religions in the UK, and if we do not follow this code of practice the laws of the UK will prosecute us for being Racist or bigots, or being right wing agitators.

Did the politicians forget that the ethnic minorities so to speak, have also to abide by these rules. In a country that allows its citizens to take to the streets and peacefully protest or hold a rally to bring to the governments attention, some of the public’s concerns and grievances.

NOT for certain ethnic and religious groups to converge on major UK city centres in an aggressive manner and call in unison for Beheadings and a system of Law to be imposed that’s not the law of the land.

The Liberal free British democratic society, should not have an open door immigration policy to allow refuges from whatever country once they have entered Britain to beg and harass people on the British streets.

When has anybody heard the prominent British political parties during an election campaign, have a mandate to give the streets of Britain back to the people of Britain.

So that the aged and infirm can walk to the convenience store at nine pm at night without fear of being violently assaulted.

When has any prominent British political party ever had a mandate to smash the gang and the knife culture which has become the norm in Britain to have a more effective police force to try to win the war on drug related crime.

A war sadly that the police are losing and officers are sadly as is in the news today also forfeiting their lives in the line of duty.
Winston Churchill said Democracy is the last form of government to be put in place when all other forms have failed.

But it’s how we model that democracy that’s makes the big difference it’s about time the silent majority in Britain stood up and voiced their opinion, don’t be taken in at the next election when they talk about, lowering interest rates and more moral and social help for underprivileged families.

When they tell you that they’re going to put money into the NHSS, and increase wages in the private sector.

Ask the questions that need to be asked, immigration crime, drugs security, and what’s the long term plan for Britain.

Freedom does not come for free somebody has paid for our freedom…let’s make sure the price they paid was worth it.

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