British National Party Members… Doing The Enemy’s Work?

Wed, 22/08/2012 - 05:00
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By Paul Borg, Newham Contact and Communications Standards Officer (London)
If we are to be taken seriously as a professional political party whose aim is to gain power then, as representatives of the party, we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

A common misconception among nationalists is the belief that, should their efforts get a mention in one of the various left-wing rags that opposes our cause, it is a noteworthy achievement and colleagues too often assume that the said person must be doing something right and, therefore, merits praise.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The writers that contribute to such rags and their active members select only those activists that assist in bringing mockery and derision upon our Party without actually knowing that they are doing so and a great deal of time and effort is spent, on their part, searching for anything that they can half-lie about.

More important than not making yourself appear to be a laughing stock by the left, is actually doing some of their work for them without realising that you are.

Social networking sites are a great way of communicating with racial comrades from other parts of the country and we are probably one of the only groups who actually get to meet their cyber-friends in person.

But remember that not all of these ‘friends’ are what they seem and this is where you need to use some common sense.

Uploading video and reports of meetings, activities and demos is essential because it is a good promotional exercise and once seen by the left it can get right up their noses to see how well we are doing and when they do bend the truth a little only their scabby friends get to see it and it becomes no more than hot air.

Debating online with members from other nationalist groups is acceptable as most compromise our own policy but beware those that show any hostility, particularly disgruntled former members of the British National Party.

They are just as intent on destroying our party as any ’anti-racist’ groups, maybe even more so, in fact, and posting articles from their websites or blogs that discredit us is certainly not a good idea.

Worst of all, however, is the uploading of any article or item from the websites of the aforementioned left-wing rabble to the pages of the social networking site that you are attending for all to see.

This is exactly what they want you to do because not only are you giving them free publicity, but causing confusion among the less initiated and even deterring possible new members from joining the Party altogether.

The writing of derogatory remarks and opinions of blog writers and prominent members is also something that you should be wary of and refrain from doing so altogether.

Making you appear unintelligent and full of hatred is what they do best.

The use of social networking sites should be for no more than the exchanging of information concerning events within your branch or Party activity and source only recognised Party commentary from the main website.

After all, why waste your time on the type of people that are of no real significance to us whatsoever when you could use the time to promote our own worthy cause?

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