British National Party mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia responds to media smears

Fri, 09/09/2011 - 13:46
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As expected, the media and the enemies of nationalism have fallen over themselves to try to cast doubt on the character and credentials of our excellent candidate for London Mayor, Carlos Cortiglia. 

A smear story first published by a far-left group has been gleefully re-run by various media outlets and accuses Carlos of signing up to fight against British troops during the Falklands War. The Independent went further and said Carlos took part in the fighting. This, of course, is totally false, and Carlos has issued the below statement to clear up this issue:

Many of you must have read or heard about articles published on the internet accusing me of participation in the Falklands War.

I chased the information that could have been used to generate this most amazing fabrication. The best source is the Argentine Ministry of Defence, and their official records indicate that no one under the name Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia took part in the Falklands War and that no one under the same name ever volunteered. The closest name to it on record is Captain Nestor Eduardo Corsiglia.

See the record here.

The far-left fabrication beggars belief. They lie, lie and lie even more. They managed to get my family details, and they created a fictional Falkland Islands veteran. I don’t know how they did it, but I guess with today’s technology, malware and know-how it would not be difficult to create the amount of rubbish that they have manufactured.

The only problem is that the Argentine Ministry of Defence that has the official information does not seem to find any records of any Carlos Gerardo Cortiglia.

Regarding the story about my presumed support for Argentina in 1982, on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011, during a meeting of the London Regional Council (LRC), I replied to an accusation made by a far-left group.

In an attempt to destroy the public image of Nick Griffin, a website reproduced what they had written, and since then comments based on the article were spread in a clear attempt to damage the public image of the British National Party.

In 1982, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay expressed its political support for Argentina, but was very careful to ensure that its neutrality as a country would not be violated by Argentina. The situation was extremely difficult because at the same time, Latin American governments were partners facing the scourge of terrorism and Marxism.

As a State employee and as a Uruguayan (not as a British citizen), I made a public pronouncement expressing the position of the Uruguayan government. If Argentina had suspected, at any point in time, that Uruguay would be siding with Britain or helping Britain, Uruguayan neutrality would have been compromised. 

As soon as it was clear that Britain would counter the Argentine attack, and feeling reassured, the tune of public expression changed, and the country could finally voice its true feelings about what Dr. Enrique Tarigo, later Uruguayan Vice-President Enrique Tarigo, called an Illegal Invasion.

Asked by Vice-President Enrique Tarigo, I entered the Uruguayan Houses of Parliament as Official Coordinator of the State Broadcasting System.

The Falkland Islands were, are and will always be, the Falkland Islands. The official Uruguayan position and my personal position ensured that British soldiers captured or injured in the Falkland Islands could receive medical treatment in Uruguay until they were physically fit to return to the United Kingdom. 

Uruguay’s position regarding the United Kingdom is well known and it was part of my own education that taught me that, thanks to Britain and to the actions of Lord John Ponsonby in 1828, Uruguay became an independent country.

This was reinforced in 1939 when the Uruguayan government did not allow the Graf Spee to be refitted or to stay in Uruguayan waters, leading to a glorious chapter in British Naval History that was celebrated by Winston Churchill in the House of Commons.

As a journalist and as an admirer of British culture and British traditions, I joined the World Service of the BBC during the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher that gave the order to recover the Falkland Islands.

Not long after I joined the BBC World Service, I started working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a translator and presenter and later on as an advisor and journalist promoting British values, British culture and British business, producing programmes like UK Today, Perspective, My Britain and Inside Britain, as well as much work done under the Official Secrets Act. I also acted in several occasions as a contracted trainer/advisor in Farnham Castle for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. I became a British Citizen in 2001 and joined the British National Party in the same year. I stood in elections for the London Assembly in 2004.

Argentina never gave up its aspirations regarding the Falkland Islands, and, in recent declarations, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner stated Argentine commitment to take over the Falkland Islands. I am in no doubt that the Argentine press, including newspapers like La Nación, would try to use anything they can use to make their case appealing.

Recently, the Tupamaro-Communist government of Uruguay headed by former Guerrilla Commander and actual President of Uruguay José Mujica, an ally of a certain far-left organization, did not allow British warships to enter Uruguayan harbours.

This does not surprise me when people like Ken Livingstone were known supporters of the Argentine cause and also very close to the far-left group in question. What is surprising is that organizations and individuals that are supposed to be nationalists are using left-wing propaganda. Let us also remember that Argentine trade unions that supported the Argentine military government were also supported by Ken Livingstone and the like.

The events of 1982 were taken completely out of context in an effort to use me to damage the party. 

So I do suggest that those in the nationalist movement that discover historical smears produced by Marxist organizations have a look at what they do before they unwittingly harm our cause.

It has taken me some time to get to the root of their machinations. More than a Jackal, I am a rottweiler. I will not let go.

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