British National Party Annual Conference. Minutes of Motions 4th November 2012. Blackpool.

Fri, 09/11/2012 - 14:00
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The British National Party held its Annual Conference at Blackpool over the weekend of 3rd & 4th November 2012, below are the motions that were nominated and the relevant outcome of each motion.

Motion 1. Head Office, Iran-Keep Britain out of foreign wars.

This conference notes with grave concern the attempt by various vested interest groups to drag Britain into a war against Iran.

The US neo-con corporate lobby, Israel’s Likud movement and Saudi Arabia in particular – using their puppets in the political establishment and influence to create support for military action for ‘regime change’ in Iran.

Conference notes the following facts:
Iran is a sovereign state and its mode of government is the proper business only of the people of Iran
Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, one of the strongest military machines in the world and is capable of defending herself against, or deterring any conceivable threat from Iran.

The same people now portraying Iran’s nuclear power programme as grounds for war also produced the lie about Saddam Hussein’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction as the bogus excuse for the illegal war on Iraq.

The neo-con and Zionist inspired attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have all proven to be totally counterproductive, as well as ruinously costly to the UK in terms both of money and wasted young lives.

Accordingly, this conference commits the British National Party to:
A position of unremitting opposition to any unprovoked attack against, or meddling in, Iran or any other sovereign state.

The continued promotion of the message that a fundamental tenet of British nationalist ideology is the unshakable belief that Britons should fight for Britain only.

Eventual criminal proceedings against politicians, media owners and editors who incite and scheme for British involvement in aggressive wars, following the precedents set at the Nuremberg Trials.

Proposer: Nick Griffin (MEP North West) Seconder: Carlos Cortiglia (London)   Opposer: Violet Hemsley (Doncaster)

Nick Griffin stated ‘it was not a Motion for appeasement’ and Carlos Cortiglia stated it would help with peace in the Middle East. Violet Hemsley brought up the interesting point that President Ahmadinejad has quoted on many occasions ‘he would like to blow Israel off the face of the Earth’ – how does this Motion affect that?

Motion Carried Unanimously.

Motion 2. North West Reform of the Monetary System

Britain is crippled by poverty, unemployment and the National Debt.

The British people pay more taxes than most countries in the world.

Our taxes go mainly to banksters in a vain attempt to pay off the National Debt. Private corporations have been given the power to create the nations’ credit and to set interest rates.

This is unjust and this conference reiterates the British National Party’s founding principles and plans to radically reform the monetary system.

Britain’s National Debt is created when the government goes to the private corporation known as the Bank of England, cap in hand, and asks for a ‘loan’.

The bankers then create this credit out of thin air, with smoke and mirrors and then loan it to the government as an interest-bearing debt.

What actually happens is that the Bank of England takes our government’s Promissory Notes and turns it into a Bill of Exchange. This is the bought and sold on the financial markets, through Fractional Reserve Banking, for many times its value, typically ten times more.

When our government borrows £10 billion, plus interest, the Bank of England and their bankster associates make a £100 billion out of it, and they never parted with any money in the first place.

The banksters get progressively richer and more powerful and the British people get poorer.

This is how our National Debt is created.

It is impossible to pay it all off without borrowing more money.
So the debt is everlasting and our great grandchildren will be enslaved with a huge National Debt that can never be repaid.

A British National Party government will end this cycle of poverty and unemployment, which has been controlled by theft and corruption by banksters and their Parliamentary puppets.

We will create a new debt free monetary system, which is owned entirely by the British people. This initiative will create more prosperity than Britain has ever known.

In accordance with our policy to set long term development plans to rebuild and protect Britain’s manufacturing industry, to create full employment and wealth for our nation; we will create the debt free money required to build on the creative genius of the British nation to create (again)wealth producing British industries.

The words “Made in Britain” will once again become synonymous with high standards of quality and durability and the British people will finally be saved from the slavery of poverty.

This is not a pipe dream, as it can be done quite easily.

We are not against banking only the way it currently operates to the benefit of the banksters and by piling up unrepayable debt on the rest of us.

We note in particular the recent IMF study, The Chicago Plan Revisited, which recommends the abolition of private fractional reserve banking and the restoration of the power to create credit to the national state.

This conference welcomes this remarkable vindication of the long-term British National Part policy.

The only thing that is required is for the British people to gain a clear view of a Britain without debt, which causes poverty-slavery. They give their vote to the British National Party and let us get on with saving Britain and the British people, before it is too late. Because like other Parties, which are essentially bankster puppets, we will work for the British people.

Proposer Absent: Clive Jefferson (Presenter) Head Office
2nd Proposer: Rev.Robert West (Lincolnshire) Seconder: Eddie O’Sullivan (Manchester) Opposer: Clive Jefferson (Head Office) 2nd Opposer: Laurence Reid (Wales)

Clive Jefferson highlighted the points of this Motion but also said it would be ‘unsellable’ to the nation.

The Rev. West said it would end ‘fractional reserve banking. Opposing, Laurence Reid stated would this Motion apply to Private Banks?

Eddie O’Sullivan said that all Commercial Banks should come under State regulations.

Motion Failed

The main consensus was that this Motion would have to be thoroughly rewritten before being presented again to this Conference. It was not clear or concise enough in its present form.

Motion 3. East Midlands. Rebuild UK Armed Forces

It is madness that UK governments have been reducing our armed services at such a volatile time in world history.

The security of the UK and its inhabitants is of paramount importance.

The British National Party would rebuild our armed forces back to sufficient levels seen before recent Government cuts.

We must be able to defend our country and other British interests, only employing people born in the UK.

Proposer: Paul Hilliard (Derby) Seconder: Geoff Dickens (East Midlands) Opposer: Chris Thornton. (North East) 2nd Opposer: Pete Malloy (Veterans Office)

Chris Thornton opposed the above Motion because of the inference of ‘employing people born in the UK’ and he highlighted the Ghurkhas.

Rev. West suggested ‘we should not lose the people of British descent born abroad’.

Thus, after seeking Points of Order, Nick Griffin proposed an Amendment to this Motion which reads:
“We must be able to defend our country and other British interests, only employing people born in the UK or of British descent born outside the UK, with the honourable exception of the Ghurkhas”

Amendment Carried. Amended Motion Carried.

Motion 4 North East Support for Pensioner

This conference notes that it is estimated by Age Concern that up to 2.5 Million Pensioners live below the poverty line.

This is unacceptable.
The problem is being accentuated by soaring energy prices.

British Pensions who were born here and have worked and paid their taxes should be entitled to free Gas and Electricity.

This could be paid for from the recycling of waste products from household and business premises.

Proposer: Dorothy Rooke (North East) Seconder: Martin Vaughan (South Tyneside) Opposer: Nick Griffin (MEP North West) 2nd Opposer: Laurence Reid (Wales)

Opposition centred on the ‘recycling’ aspect of this Motion and the fact it could encompass all British Pensioners include those who would not need it and elderly people recently coming into the country could claim the same benefit as those who have lived in the UK many years.

Also noted was the ‘recycle of household etc’ – this has not been priced up and must not be taken into account.

A First Amendment was introduced by John Puxty (London). 'That a limit of £1,000 per household per year was added’. This was seconded by Alan Brindle.
A Second Amendment was introduced by John Rowe. ‘That the Pensioners had a right to be kept warm which should be shouldered by the Energy companies or wealthy Pensioners.’ Seconded by Chris Parker Opposing this Second Amendment: Dave Robertson. (Northants) 2nd Opposer: Carlos Cortiglia (London)

A Vote was taken for the Amendment Two to Motion 4.
Amendment Two to Motion 4 Failed.

It was decided to re-write the last paragraph of Motion 4 to include the First Amendment during Lunch Break.

Last Paragraph of Motion 4 reads thus:
“British Pensioners who were born here and receive Supplementary Benefits and who have worked and paid their taxes should be entitled to free Gas & Electricity up to the maximum amount of £1K per household per annum.

This will be paid for by a small proportion of the savings made by the implementation of the British National Party Manifesto (for example: withdrawing from the EU, withdrawing from foreign wars and the cessation of Foreign Aid)

A Vote was taken for Amendment One to Motion 4.
Amendment One to Motion 4 Carried.

A Vote was taken for the Full Amended Motion 4.
The Amended Motion 4 Carried.

Motion 5. Eastern Region. Protecting the innocent from bail offenders.

This conference commits a future British National government to introduce legislation to ensure that, in cases of domestic violence and abuse cases where the perpetrator has breached bail conditions, the offender shall be remanded in custody immediately and if convicted will received a mandatory 24 months custodial sentence without the possibility of an early release or parole.

This sentence shall be in addition to that imposed for the other crimes committed by the offender.

This piece of Nationalist legislation shall be known as the Jeanette Godwin law, in memory of a good friend who was murdered by an offender in breach of bail conditions.

Proposer: Cllr. Richard Perry (Eastern Region) Seconder: Chris Thornton (South Tyneside) Opposer: Pete Molloy (Veterans Office) 2nd Opposer: Robert Willem  (Dudley)

Concerns from Nigel Brooke (North East) that ‘abuse works both ways’.

Nick Griffin stated that it ‘was a good step forward’. Robert Willem (Dudley) stated that’ these offenders need a custodial sentence from the first’.

Pete Molloy was concerned over the ‘definition of abuse’.

Motion 5 Carried.

Motion 6. London. Extradition Nationalism.

This conference calls for the scrapping of the current Extradition Act 2003 and establish a new Extradition Act covering a wider geographical area.

This would exclude the extradition of British born subjects on alleged grounds of offences committed outside the UK.

We would seek to establish Extradition Treaties with all countries that we deem appropriate and following the replacement of Human Rights legislation with a Bill of Rights, in which national security would be a priority.

Such treaties would involve reciprocal arrangements where we accept that British nationals affected have committed serious crimes.

The British judiciary would be entitled to use its discretion, for example taking into account if someone is mentally ill.

Proposer: Steve Squires (London) Seconder: Carlos Cortiglia (London) Opposer: Dave Furness (West London) 2nd Opposer: Chris Parker (Scotland)

Steve Squires highlighted the Cary McKinnon case of extradition to the US and Carlos Cortiglia said ‘it was a matter of principle’. Opposing this was Dave Furness who said we should get out of the EU before we take this step.

Chris Parker queried the ‘British born aspect of this Motion, and said ‘it could apply to British born Pakistani terrorists’.

However,  this has been covered in the wording of Motion 6 of ‘serious crimes’.

Motion 6 Carried.

Motion 7. Wales. Protecting Communities from Drug menace.

This conference notes the growing problem of the drug known as CAT or MeowMeow.

This is a serious issue, including rural communities previously untouched by drugs.

In parts of South Wales, CAT – related arrests increased by a staggering 400% last year. This conference calls for CAT to be classified as a Class A drug.

Proposer: Adam Walker (Head Office) Seconder: Carlos Cortiglia (London) 2nd Proposer: Bob Carlen (Wales)

Adam Walker stated that all drugs should be banned but the reason why youngsters need to take them should be addressed.

Bob Carlen stressed that CAT is derived from Ketamine, a very strong anaesthetic used by Veterinary surgeons.

It is highly addictive and deadly.

Motion 7 Carried.

Motion 8. West Midlands. Protecting an iconic British Industry.

This conference calls for measures to revive the pottery industry by ‘internalising’ the economics of the State.

This would involve a policy that would require all State Institutions to purchase pottery produced in this country.

Such ‘internalising’ is common throughout the World and is essential to help build the healthy, stable economy needed to provide individuals with jobs, communities with cohesion and the State with a broad Tax base.

This Policy would ensure that all pottery ware purchased for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government departments etc, would be produced in the United Kingdom.

Such policies are used in countries such as France and Germany in the way in which home-produced vehicles are used for the Emergency Services, the Military and more.

There are many cities in Britain that face a dire economic future unless we embrace such ‘patriotic economics’.

This policy is aimed primarily to aid such cities in crises but a close secondary aim is the revolutionary economic revival of our entire nation.

This policy should be extended to many other products that this nation produces or used to produce.

Motorcycles, computers, foodstuffs, vehicles – in fact everything purchased by Local or National Government and other State institutions – should be done under a legally enforceable obligation to buy British if practically possible.

This conference affirms that such legislation would be a huge step towards reviving much of what our national has lost due to the disastrous globalisation policies of Conservative and Labour governments since World War II.

This policy will reverse the resulting devastating decline and provide the stable jobs and community identity that our people deserve.

Proposer: Ken Griffiths (West Midlands) Seconder: Martin Vaughan (South Tyneside) Opposer: Laurence Reid (Wales) 2nd Proposer: Sheila Spink (Stockport)

Ken Griffiths highlighted the need for ‘internalising and reviving’ industry in the Midlands and North, as these cities are becoming poverty stricken. Martin Vaughan stressed the Black Country’s industry should be rebuilt.

Sheila Spink stated we should become an NIC (Newly Industrialised Country) as countries did in South East Asia which means no one imports or buys anything made in that country.

Laurence Reid was not against the principle of the Motion but said that a government should ensure that all Military equipment was made in Britain.

Motion 8 Carried Unanimously. 

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