Britain is in a right mess!

Sat, 25/08/2012 - 05:00
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By Mike Whitby
It’s that time of year again, when we ask for your suggestions for Conference Motions, which form our party’s Election Manifesto.
Most members usually leave it to the officials to decide upon policy, but I believe we should all have some input.

There’s no point in complaining that the party has not done this or that, if you didn’t bother to put that policy forward.

Everyone should take part in the process and then attend our National Conference, to engage in the democratic process.

What would you really like to see as part of our party policy?

Where do we start?

Most British National Party members are wide awake and we are aware of most of what’s happening in our country, and who and what is to blame for it.

There are eight to nine million people on benefits; our manufacturing, mining and fishing industries have been decimated; kids as young as 4 are being taught about disgusting sexual practises, and as they get a little older they’re told to queue up and place a condom over a phallic symbol, on the teachers desk!

A great many youngsters leave school without learning the basic three R’s of education; many of these kids are left unemployed, angry and sometimes end up on drink, drugs or involved in crime; our elderly folk are not cared for and many of them are afraid to leave their homes; these often become the targets of some of those angry youngsters; council houses go to foreigners, instead of local people, who remain at the back of the queue.

On bankster orders, our puppet-government is busily engaged in waging wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran.

They CLAIM to be “exporting democracy” to these countries – whether they like it or not!

Millions of innocent people are being killed in these phony ‘revolutions’, just like they did in the Bolshevik ‘revolution’ in 1917, and in the same way, Western governments are supplying arms and money to extremists, to overthrow their governments.

The so-called ‘Arab Spring’ is a massive lie, and the reality is that they are re-creating The United Kingdom of Israel, which existed 3000 years ago, and occupied most of the above mentioned countries.

Perhaps the biggest and ironic injustice of this is that they have never asked the people of those countries if they want or need the assistance of Western forces.

Also, the idea of Britain and the USA exporting democracy, pre-supposes that we actually enjoy democracy in the West! Does anyone still think that we have democracy in Britain and America?

Whilst our troops are engaged in wars that have absolutely nothing to do with Great Britain, our own country is being overrun with interlopers from all corners of the world.

These people are treated like kings, with benefits piled upon them, whilst English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish people watch from the sidelines, sometimes starving!

Our elderly folk are left to starve to death, while taxpayer’s money is given to foreign countries, often to pay for weapons of mass destruction, or a space station!
(In 2009 the British government said they did NOT have enough money to save the lives of 35,000 OAP’s who died of hypothermia and malnutrition. Yet, in that same year, they gave away £15billion, in Foreign Aid!)

Muslims behave in whatever way they like; assaulting, molesting and raping young British children.

And, they are being assisted in the takeover of our country, by very powerful Jewish banksters and greedy, traitorous politicians, who are being bribed to turn a blind eye.

Police at my Home

You may have seen the doors of MY home being smashed in for absolutely NO REASON – simply because the police wanted to interview me “right away”, due to an outrageous article in the Liverpool Echo, which claimed that I had done something illegal with an election nomination form.

This was a pack of lies, of course, and BEFORE THEY SMASHED OUR DOORS IN, the cops admitted that they did NOT have any evidence to prove that I had committed any crime, nor did they have a warrant for my arrest.

But, they smashed down our doors and arrested me anyway! 

If you haven’t seen the appalling act of state persecution, here is the video

Why are all these things happening to the British people? And what can we do to stop it?

As you know, the European Union now dictates over 85% of our laws, and in just ten years, the Labour Party introduced over 8,200 new laws and regulations!
Under our ancient Common Law, or “Alfred’s Law”, as it was known, there are just THREE laws;

Do not cause HARM, INJURY or LOSS to any other person. (Or, to put it into a Biblical sense: “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”)

That is all that’s needed. All the other laws have been created as taxation and control mechanisms.

The British government is totally subordinate to the EU. So, our party has embarked upon a task to get Britain out of the EU, as soon as possible.

The rationale is that the EU dictates our immigration levels and involvement in foreign wars, destroys our industries etc; which it certainly does.

But, is it enough for Britain to get out of the EU? Will this solve our country’s underlying problems, and is our campaign likely to be successful?

I believe that whilst we definitely MUST get out of the EU, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.

As there is a much better target, which must prove to be FAR more beneficial. Consider the following question and then think long and hard about it;

Q: When the first batch of immigrants were brought here, in the late 1940’s, the European Union didn’t even EXIST! Also, Britain didn’t join the EEC/EU until 25 years later. So, whose idea was it to foist all those foreigners onto us?

Q: Isn’t it true that the SAME PEOPLE who told those ‘lackey British politicians’, in the late 1940’s, to import many thousands of blacks and Asians (without asking the British people) were exactly the same banksters that created the EU?

So, why are we being side-tracked by their puppets – the EU – when we should be emulating Alexander the Great, and going straight for the head of the beast?!
I believe that a FAR better target would be to focus on the banksters and the monetary system, coupled with our plans to re-generate British industry, and I’ll explain why.

The information below is shocking, and if we expose it correctly, we could find that people will flock to us, and may bring us to office much quicker than would otherwise be the case.

But, we will need to be very bold.

Before I explain what this information is, let’s take a constructive look at WHY people should vote for us, but DON’T.

It’s a fact that, up to 80%, (4 out of every 5 people) don’t even bother to vote at all. Those that do still vote, do so either out of habit, or vested interests. Four fifths of the British electorate hold the balance of power in Great Britain and they don’t even bother to vote! Why?
There’s no point in us blaming THE PEOPLE.

There would be no point in a businessman complaining that HE is offering a very valuable product & service, and perhaps the best thing since sliced bread, and that those who DON’T buy from him are sheeple, for buying the same old rubbish.

If he did this, he would very quickly go out of business, so he must learn to communicate his message much better. And so should we.

A very valuable Product & Service

The British National Party has a very valuable ‘Product & Service’, but we are NOT communicating it effectively enough. Otherwise, huge numbers of people would be voting for us.

People should vote for us, to help save Britain from all of the appalling things mentioned above, because no other party is going to save the British people. But people seem too busy looking after ‘number one’, to be bothered to worry about their neighbours, or their children’s future.

Or they are brainwashed by football, or soap operas, or celebrity nonsense.

Or maybe, they are really struggling to survive, and believe that there’s no point in voting for ANY POLITICIAN, because, (to use our OWN quotation); “All politicians are the same, and they’re all to blame.”

Although we have never had any members of Parliament, we too are “politicians”, so by making this statement, we’re actually telling them not to bother voting for us!

Like the example of the businessman mentioned above, we must have such a compelling and attractive offer, which will not only save Britain, but will also make people’s lives a whole lot better.

Then, the electorate will be able to see VERY CLEARLY that the British National Party is the ONLY real solution.
Let’s play devil’s advocate and look from the point of view of the average voter….

Q: WHY should they trust US any more than the shysters in Parliament?
What are WE offering them that’s RADICALLY different from the other parties?

Q: Are we offering them FULL employment, in worthwhile jobs; an easier life, with a possible end of taxes altogether?

An end of CCTV camera’s? An end of Big Brother? To set them free from DEBT-SLAVERY?
We have all of these things in mind, but without specifying in great detail, brave and radical new ways, that no other party would dare talk about, we are unlikely to be elected - unless society breaks down completely.

Then we might just have a chance.
But, any rational person will not want society to break down, and I don’t believe we should dawdle, whilst our country is dying.

So, I am proposing that we get right to the heart of the matter, and expose exactly WHY Britain is in such a mess, who is to blame, and what WE intend to do about it!

So, who IS to blame and WHY?

I’m going to give you some information about ‘The City of London’, that you may or may not be aware of;
‘The City’: is known as, The Bankster’s Vatican

• To the majority of people the words “Crown” and “City” in reference to London refer to the Queen or the capital of England.
• This is NOT true. The “City” is in fact a privately owned Corporation and Sovereign State – occupying 677 acres and located right in the heart of Greater London.
• A Committee of 13 men rule The Bankster’s Vatican, known as ‘The City of London’
• They are known as “The Crown” and they ‘rule’ 87% of the British Colonies
• Only 13% of British Colonies were/are subject to British rule
• The City and its rulers, “The Crown”, are NOT subject to Parliament
• The small clique who rule the City dominate our Parliament
• The City tells Parliament what to do, and when to do it
• They are a Sovereign State within a State and their only Gods are money & power
• They set our interest rates, and how much we MUST pay in taxes
• They are not subject to British Laws
• They own all of the banks throughout the world
• They own virtually EVERY newspaper in the world
• The British Prime Minister and Cabinet are just ‘front men’ for them
• They dictate the level of immigration that comes into Britain
• They dictate how much British Taxpayers must pay in Foreign Aid
• The Bank of England is controlled by the Rothschild’s - not ‘Britain’
• They create money out of thin air and SELL it to the British people
• They created the Bilderberg Group to control industries
• They created the European Union to control governments
• They control World Freemasonry, to control businessmen
• They created Communism and Trade Unions, to control the manual workers
• They created Common Purpose to control the public services
• They control(ed) Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Bush and Obama
• They created The Frankfurt School to destroy Western culture
• They created and dominate Hollywood and the Music & TV Industry
• ‘The City of London’ is the wealthiest square mile on earth
• They OWN the ‘black’ colonies and invite them to come to Britain
• They owned virtually ALL of the Slave Ships and the Titanic
• They owned the East India Company
• They caused the Irish Potato Famine, by stealing Irish potato crops
• They caused the two Opium Wars, by selling drugs in China
• It’s rumoured that they own the Mafia and most organised crime
• They have kept the British people in debt-slavery for 300 years
• They are foisting Islam onto us and destroying Christian beliefs
• They started virtually EVERY war since 1640, inc WW1 & WW2
• Many believe they started The Great Fire of London, to pave the way for ‘The City’
• They created the ‘C’est Tu Que Trust’ in 1667, making slaves of us all
• They reward British industrialists to leave Britain for the Far East

The Lord Mayor, of The City of London is elected for a one year stint, and is the Monarch in the City. When the Queen of England goes to visit The City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar, the symbolic gate of the City.
THE QUEEN bows and asks for permission to enter HIS private, sovereign State.

I trust you are getting the picture of who is to blame?!

Over the past twenty years or so, I’ve heard whispers that the banking system is a scam.

I wasn’t surprised, but didn’t look into it, as I figured I wouldn’t understand it anyway! Back then this was one of those ideas that were considered a ‘conspiracy theory’, and if you spoke of such things, without a thorough grasp of the subject, people would say you were nuts.

But now, with the advent of many books and the film that won the ‘Documentary of the Year Award’ in 2010, ‘The Secret of Oz’, the banking scam is now a proven fact.

I recommend that everyone sees this film, very urgently.

A brief explanation of how money works goes like this;

The money for each country is “CREATED” by Central Banks.

The British Central Bank is the Bank of England. Contrary to what we have been led to believe, the Bank of England is NOT owned by the British government, because if this was the case then we would not be paying interest on the money issued by the BoE.

The BoE is a private corporation that creates money out of thin air, as ALL banks do, starting with the Central Banks.

Here’s how it works; when the British Government needs more money to fund its economic strategy, it goes to the Bank of England (cap-in-hand!) and asks for a “loan”.

The Chancellor signs an agreement to “borrow” say £10 billion, plus the current rate of interest. The BoE takes this agreement, signed by the Chancellor and turns it into a Promissory Note and a Bill of Exchange - for the amount stated on the note; 10 billion pounds (£10,000,000,000), plus interest.

These numbers are entered onto a computer screen and it shows up in the government’s bank account. The £10 billion is then created out of thin air!
I’ll repeat that; The Bank of England creates this money out of thin air (with the Chancellor’s full knowledge) and then “LOANS” it to the British taxpayer, with added interest. To be paid back over many years.


In fact, 97% of all the money in the world doesn’t actually exist, as it’s only numbers on computer screens. But, in this example, our National Debt has just increased by £10 billion, plus interest, and must be repaid by the British taxpayer.
The Bank of England then sells that Bill of Exchange to other banksters, for slightly less than £10 billion.

Furthermore, at least nine other major banksters will line up, to grab a piece of this ‘pie’, by using Fractional Reserve Banking. And, they will all make around £10 billion EACH, from this transaction, by selling-on the Government’s Bill of Exchange TO EACH OTHER.

Nowadays, the number of banksters profiting from this system can be much greater than ten. Which means that when the British taxpayer goes into debt for 10 billion pounds, the Bankster’s collectively make over 100 billion pounds (£100,000,000,000)! Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are thrown into Tax-Debt-Slavery, to repay government loans through taxes, and the Banksters become super rich and extremely powerful!
Virtually all of the money taken from British taxpayers is paid to the banksters, in a vain attempt to pay off the fictitious National Debt!

We must produce our own money and we must do it NOW!

This system operates like a Mafia protection racket and anyone daring to break the banker’s power to create money out of thin air, is threatened with death; hence the REAL reason why Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and Kennedy were all assassinated, as is pointed out in ‘The Secret of Oz‘.

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Documentary of 2010 -

Government Ministers are ALL WELL AWARE OF THIS SCAM, and they go along with it, because they are being paid, coerced and/or threatened to comply with the wishes of the banksters.

ALL of the MP’s are chosen, by the banksters of the City of London, to stand for Parliament, and all other senior public offices. They are ALL aware of this and they say nothing, and keep taking the bribes to keep quiet.

Anyone brave enough to stand up to these crooks, is vilified, demonised and arrested on fictitious charges.
This evil system has been in place since the Bank of England was established in 1694, after Cromwell had let the bankster’s bring their system of Usury back into Britain.

Their powerful banking system is manipulated and controlled by 5th Columnist members of secret societies, who ensure that every single action of the British government, regardless of their political ideologies, is geared toward benefiting the banksters. The British people have the opportunity to break the New World Order by taking away their power of ownership, control and production of Britain’s monetary system.

We must take this opportunity. We must remove their power. If we don’t do this, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying huge taxes for hundreds of years to come, simply to pay off the fictitious National Debt.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, said to his family, on his death bed, in 1812….

After taking control of the Bank of England (by lying and deceiving the Stock Exchange) in 1815, his son, Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, said;

• The Rothschild’s are now said to be worth over 100 TRILLION DOLLARS!
• Their cousins, the Rockefeller’s, are worth 10 trillion dollars.
• Britain’s crippling National Debt is around £3 Trillion.
What I believe Britain MUST DO, in order for our nation to survive.
1. We MUST take back the ownership, control and production of Britain’s monetary system. Remember; whoever “controls the money supply, controls the (country)”

So, the British people MUST be in control of our own destiny. This initiative will create more prosperity than Britain has ever known, and we will realistically be able to look forward to the day when the British people will no longer need to pay taxes.

2. We MUST make it illegal for people in Public Office to belong to secret societies. Thus removing the cabalistic mechanism of corruption.

The British people will finally be governed fairly and honestly, and through a truly democratic process.
In light of the above notes, here are two Conference Motions that have been put forward by the Liverpool Group……

There is no guarantee that these motions will be elected to go forward to conference. So, it would help if other groups campaigned for the same things. Then they would stand a very good chance of getting to Conference and being adopted as party policy.

Isn’t it time for the British people to rule our own country? I believe it is well overdue. But, I also believe that without conquering the money supply and the power of the secret societies, we would be wasting our time and effort.

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