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Thu, 13/06/2013 - 12:00
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Woolwich! Out of all the horrors created by mass immigration, it's been the most effective wake-up call the British people have ever had.

People really are waking up. They want hope, they want answers; they need the BNP!

Hate Preacher Choudary says Lee Rigby will 'burn in hellfire'

Enough is enough – BNP say Hate Preachers Out NOW!

All the activists who've already been out with our ‘Hate Preachers Out’ campaign have found the same thing. BNP National Organiser Adam Walker, who led one of the dozens of teams who were out with hard-hitting, specially produced leaflets just days after the brutal ritual slaughter of Lee Rigby, explains:

"We handed out 6,000 leaflets in central Newcastle in just a couple of hours.

"The response was just amazing. People were queuing up to take our leaflets and to congratulate us for standing up and telling the truth.

"Our message is in two simple parts: A call for immediate action against Islamist terror and a simple explanation of why it's not just enough any more to stop immigration – the whole disaster has got to be reversed and undone."

That's the only way to avoid those long-foreseen but now very close at hand 'Rivers of Blood'.

The first step is to grab the attention of the public with a call everyone already agrees with: ‘Hate Preachers OUT!’

That's the simple and very popular demand on all our petitions, leaflets, banners and online campaigning.

Having got their support on something they already agree with, we're then giving the public one shocking fact that most don't know: that many mosques are running martial arts classes in which young Muslim men are taught how to fight and kill with vicious knives just like those used to butcher that poor unarmed young soldier.

When I think that Lee Rigby was exactly the same age as my own son; that his little boy is just a few months older than my grandsons, it really brings home the full scale of the horror and tragedy of Woolwich, and the vile, inhuman nature of the enemy within.

The fact that one of the killers was a convert from a family of African Christians also highlights better than anything we can say the fact that this isn't just a problem of Islamic 'extremism' or even of Muslims – as with so many appalling crimes against our people, the problem is immigration FULL STOP!

As people wake up and we bring them in, we will be working hard to teach them the bigger picture: about the people who opened the mass immigration floodgates, and why!

First, though, we need to achieve a maximum reach for the simple, straightforward appeal that so many people already know they want to hear: ‘Hate Preachers OUT!’

I’m sure it makes your blood boil as much as mine does when we see bearded Muslim fanatics spouting anti-British hate and glorifying the murder of Lee Rigby on our streets.

I’m sure that you, like me, share the frustration of millions of decent Brits like us over the failure of the entire political elite simply to round these Muslim monsters up and throw them out.

Not just the foreign-born ones, but the ‘British’-born traitors such as Anjem Choudary too.

That’s the first message we need to get across.

That’s the angle that will get people signing our petitions in droves (and signing up for postal votes, which is where this activity will in due course ‘touch down’ into renewed electoral success for us).

We've made a great start. Activists all over the country were out on the streets within hours with our Woolwich instant response leaflet.

Our website traffic is through the roof. We're getting hundreds of eager enquiries and scores more people joining up every single day.

My twitter following is now over 25,000 and rising by the day.

More than 400 online activists have already registered to be our first wave of BNP Online Activists.

By the time you read this, we’ll have had delivered a range of brilliant material for our first stage, "no-one can argue with that" campaign.

Our core message ‘Hate Preachers OUT!’ will be on a coordinated range of placards, leaflets, petitions, table top stall banners and brand new skins for the Truth Truck.

The good news is that we’ve been able to pay for all the material already under production from our own resources and from the donations that have poured in over the last week.

But, of course, there’s still more to do.

The bitter truth is that the controlled media – particularly the Zionist-owned Daily Express and Daily Star, and the leftist BBC – are working overtime to promote the false flag EDL as the multi-cultural face of British resistance to Islam.

We‘re keeping our name in the news to an extent, but it’s a tough battle; the only way we can win it is to use to the full our superior local and regional organisation to be first in the field at any demonstration or event that arises over the weeks and months ahead.

Mark my words; the impact of Woolwich has not yet really begun to be felt out there on the streets. The whole country is now a tinder box.

Everyone knows it; everyone can feel it.

We are just one incident away from a spiral of confrontation that will finally prove that Enoch Powell really was right.

We don’t want that – not least because, inevitably, we’ll get the blame.

But it’s going to happen, almost certainly now sooner rather than later.

So we have to be ready for it.

We must be ready for the coming explosion of Muslim mayhem and the white backlash that is already stirring.

Non of the other political parties have any solutions because they created the problem.

It’s up to the BNP, to bring Hope to the British people.

We must be ready to channel the coming resistance politically and into organisational growth: ready to turn public anger against the Islamist menace into constructive and righteous hostility to the political class and their failed and discredited, undemocratic, genocidal multi-racial ‘experiment’.

It would be a political tragedy if our moment of opportunity were to find us unprepared and unable to reap the full political and organisational rewards for all the years in the wilderness, for all the persecution we’ve endured and all the sacrifices so many good people like you have made and continue to make.

That’s why I’m asking for your urgent help to reach an ambitious target of £5,000 for our ‘Emergency after Woolwich Fighting Fund’; we need this fund to stock regional activists’ supply depots with the placards, literature, crisp new flags and loud-hailers.

We need these in place, now, to give us the ability to call and hold eye-catching and professional instant response demonstrations and activities at the drop of a hat.

This is the key to pushing our message and our relevance into the headlines.

It's what we have to do to prove that, whatever the controlled media bias against us, the British National Party is at the forefront of the British resistance.

Just £25 is enough to equip a regional activity supply base with a batch of a dozen big A2 placards.

£100 buys a hand-held loudhailer powerful enough to drown out any squeaks of protests from a few silly leftist students.

£10 allows us to print and supply 1,000 extra leaflets to people now desperate for truth and hope.

More than ever, every extra pound you can give, right now, makes all the difference.

I’ve kicked off the appeal with £500 of my own money, because I really believe that a time of great crisis, drama and historic opportunity is just around the corner.

Let’s not miss the boat!

Let's not miss any opportunity; we've been expecting this moment for years.

Please donate online here now or send a cheque made payable to 'British Heritage' to PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 7AL.

All the work we’ve all done building sympathy for telling the inconvenient truth for years is about to pay off.

Together, we can seize this moment and change history!

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

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