Britain must dump the toxic Lib Dems for once and for all.

Wed, 02/01/2013 - 06:00
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By Northernscot- Poor old Nick Clegg, dumped by the British public, desperately trying to look relevant and facing disaster in the opinion polls, has been warned in a memo by senior Lib Dems to spread the message that the Conservatives cannot be trusted to help build a fairer society.

Why it has taken nearly three years for the toxic Lib Dems to understand that, frankly beggars belief.

Many Brits can remind Nick Clegg of stories of each time the Tories gain control, and the pain that ordinary people suffer at the hands of the rich-boy Tories.

Writing in a New Year message to party members, he warned of continued economic uncertainty.

He also said “We are living through fluid, difficult times.”
Do you mean Mr Clegg?

The growing number of Brits in financial trouble, the disabled and chronic sick treated and demonised as spongers.

Do you mean, men and women scrambling to take part-time work as there are little full-time paid jobs, or the reduction in workers’ rights, or the mass invasion of Third World and Islamic immigrants?
Do you mean, parents going hungry every other day to make sure their children eat, or children going to school hungry?

Do you mean the blind and stroke ridden Brit who has been forced by your coalition’s welfare changes to beg on the street with a tin can?

Do you mean the continued toxic Lib Dem support in forcing very ill and chronically sick people to find work, when we all know no-one will employ them, but it saves the government dosh!

And what about those Scottish Lib Dems who were supposedly shocked at the video by charities a few months ago that showed the abject poverty your coalition welfare changes were making.

Where they not going to do something about it?
Yes Mr Clegg, we are living through as you nicely package it, fluid, difficult times.

Unless of course you are on an MP’s wage, which makes things a little better.

The people of Britain are not stupid; they see what your cosy coalition with the Thatcherite Tories have delivered.


We in the BNP say Make Britain a toxic Lib Dem free zone.

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