Branded ‘M’ - for what?

Fri, 18/01/2013 - 15:00
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Nine ‘men’ of Egyptian and Pakistani descent are currently in front of the Old Bailey facing 51 charges relating to the alleged abuse of young girls in Oxford between May 2004 and January 2012.

On Thursday the 17th January, the court heard that an 11 year old girl was allegedly branded with an 'M' for Mohammed, to show that she 'belonged' to an alleged member of this alleged child sex ring.

The court also heard how the child was a repeatedly subjected to 'torture sex' sessions where she was bound and gagged before being raped by members of the gang.

The 11 year old girl is the youngest victim of these nine Muslim men. She has described a ‘nicey-nicey honeymoon period’ before the drugs and the rape began, in which she was ‘lavished’ with ‘gifts’ including perfume. She was then plied with hard drugs.

The court has been told that Mohammed Karrar got the girl pregnant just after her 12th birthday. He then took her to a backstreet clinic in Reading for an abortion using a large crochet hook.

Around the same time, Karrar is also alleged to have branded an ‘M’ for 'Mo' on to her buttocks using one of her hairpins. At a later stage, this young girl was introduced to Karrar’s brother, who allegedly gang raped her after forcing her to watch an episode of Eurotrash.

The abuse is said to have continued until August 2009, when the girl was aged 15.

Another victim has described how she had 'no choice' and told a friend 'I just want to be loved. I've never been loved and this shows me love.'

The court heard how the nine men in the gang groomed many of the girls for up to a year by  lavishing them with attention before plying them with alcohol and hard drugs.

Prosecutors said of another girl; 'She loved the attention they showed her. It made her feel important and - wholly mistakenly - she felt protected by them.

'This was the grooming phase, to get the confidence of these girls…It was only when she was thirteen and a half that the abuse began and she was ordered to have sex with men brought to a flat in Oxford…the girl, now aged 20, was even taken to other cities, including London, Coventry and Manchester…to have sex with men or to act as an escort.

Speaking to BNP news, Nick Griffin MEP said:

“The British people need to learn the history of Islamic sex slaving in Britain to understand that this case is not an isolated crime.

“For hundreds of years until Industrial Revolution cannons, villages and fishing boats all along the southern coasts of England and Ireland were terrorised by Muslim slave raids. Corsair ships from North Africa carried off hundreds of thousands of our ancestors' brothers and sisters. The men were worked to death, the girls were sold as sex slaves through the slave markets of the Middle East.

“You can take Islam out of the 7th century desert, but you can't take the 7th century desert out of Islam.

“While it would be wrong and unjust to say that all Muslim men are sexual predators, the tendency of Islam to produce and ignore - or even glorify - sexual predators cannot be denied.

“The people who let this dark force into our country to prey on some of the most vulnerable victims in the country, have a lot to answer for.

The trial continues and is expected to last up to three months.

Angry? Want to do something to end this scandal? Then send this downloadable leaflet to everyone you can and post it on un-moderated comment pages on newspapers. Don't worry about off topic postings, if you put it in a gardeners' advice column, people will still see it and learn the truth - thanks to you!


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