The Body of European Culture and the Parasite Within

Thu, 07/02/2013 - 12:00
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''With fewer outside things to distract their minds from that inward life which is the only true life to all of us,
they so enriched their souls that, they were far happier and infinitely more intelligent than the millionaire of this modern world, and were able to show the way to all those who, coming after them, have loved truth, beauty, and goodness.''

By John Salvage-And that, dear reader, is from a children's encyclopaedia from the 1920s, from an article studying the cradle of Western origins.

Truth, beauty, and goodness, are the things intelligent people enjoy creating. All else is simply wrong, even evil.

Our lives today are mere shadows compared to that of our ancient Greek, Celtic, and other pan-European ancestors.

Yes, there was war, and yes, there were those who exhibited weaknesses; but by and large our forbearers were driven by a genetic and spiritual need to discover lands and things, far away from their place of birth.

It was our destiny to experience real life, to go from these shores to invent and innovate, and live free from the stresses of alien ideological concepts, wars, and the parasitical debt prevalent today.

With political and socio-cultural movements, such as Golden Dawn, in Greece, taking it upon themselves to help their/our own folk in times of horror and hunger - not to mention our own attempts here - that spark of life, so natural to our kinsfolk long ago, can still thankfully be seen in action.

Without our ancient and self-motivated ancestors, the world would still be riven with savagery, raging tribalism, and no future of any worth for the next generation.

Sadly, we are heading towards that horror faster than the banking elite are targeting their next country. Philosophy, architecture, intellectual ideas, art, and inventions, are all ours.

No other ethnic group, no other nation, and certainly no other empire, has ever contributed to the world's health, wealth, and spiritual well-being, as has the Caucasian. And we should never mind all the propaganda about us being ''mongrels! That does not add up whatsoever.

Britain, Greece, Italy, France, and Germany amongst others, have enjoyed the collective brain power of their sons and daughters; and produced the most wondrous literature, architecture, ideas, and music the world has ever seen and heard.

But we have to bow our heads in eternal shame, and for what exactly? We must be ashamed for having the unfortunate, God-given, or natural genes that made us into all of the above. We are forever lambasted for being too clever.

Take music as an example: Mozart was composing pieces of music at the age of four.

And imagine! all this was at a time when nothing could be played back, or even heard in full, until an ensemble of players could re-produce what had been an invention of the mind at the time of it being written.

Our current institutions are, essentially, merely hollowed out versions of those that were made from the same European mind as Mozart.

They now only serve to protect the intellectually weak, and those who see our way of life as a money-making opportunity; and a way of destroying our very existence.

Literature is another example. The Shakespearean experience has, by and large, been overrun by left-wing thinkers, who in the past tried hard to demonise and vilify this giant of English literature, poetry, and beautifully constructed sonnets.

Our language has become debased, ''Americanised'', and bastardised to resemble a mixture of mumbled, meaningless nouns and grunts, once heard only in the ghettos of the third-world; or in the American, crime-ridden cities.

Philosophy is yet another example. Our Greek brothers and sisters in modern-day Greece, must be banging their heads against the remains of Delphi.

That ancient city's builders, and those who operated the Delphic oracle, certainly never foresaw what was to become of their ideas, their country, and all that it brought to the world.

Where oh where, is that mighty Zephyrus, the God of the West Wind?

Speaking of the Western world, whatever the reader may think of the idea of monarchy, even our ancient kings ensured that education was at least in part, available to those whom wished to know more, to study, and to find things of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Our current monarchy has been a glaringly obvious example of the difference between those who led our own nation in times past, and our politicised institutions nowadays.

Oxford started its academic life in the early 11th century.

Cambridge was formed from the fallout of an argument between former Scholars in Oxford, upping sticks and forming the University of Cambridge in the early 13th century.

Education in its purest form is about the truth. No matter how unpalatable some things are to the liberal, Marxist or general-purpose ''useful idiot'', both these schools of idiotology are, our forbearers’ beliefs: the ones who would have been taught with ideas from encyclopaedias of merit, such as that from which the opening quote comes: the truth is always the truth.

To end this short but timely article, we will leave Shakespeare to have the last say.

Let us highlight the difference between the glory of our ancient high culture, intellectual and spiritual superiority; and those who have come to our shores, and set up home and high office here - because of the like of Oliver Cromwell and others - and like the parasite in nature, extracted much blood from our beautiful body of European culture:
''I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed''

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