BNP launches latest "hearts and minds" drive

Mon, 04/03/2013 - 12:00
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A campaign to mobilise local residents to help elderly neighbours through BNP-led local teams is the latest experiment in the party's move to what Nick Griffin MEP describes as "practical idealism".

"People are so disillusioned with the political class that they are losing all interest in the political process," explains the BNP leader.

"To get them to look with fresh and enthusiastic ideas at our positive alternative, it's not enough to TELL them we're  different, we have to SHOW them we're different."

The two leaflets shown here are virtually ready for use anywhere in the country. The first one should be printed out and a few hundred put through doors in a target area.

Three or four days later a small team of activists should knock on all the doors already leafleted, dropping the second one through where there is no reply and handing it to people who answer, while asking if they got the first leaflet and if they have any items for the campaign.

A third template leaflet will be produced shortly and will be used to tell residents how well things went, but you don't need to wait til then. Start straightaway and keep us posted!

Also soon to be published is a simple guide to selling items through e-Bay and other similar selling sites. Good luck!

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