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Mon, 11/02/2013 - 13:10
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By Henri MacDonald-At the recent Officials’ Conference, Party Chairman Nick Griffin suggested that one way we as a Party could become more involved in our communities, and also help people who are struggling, was to start either food banks, or soup kitchens.

 The Havering Branch, under the leadership of Mick Braun, decided to do just that.

After two weeks of preparation, involving collected food donations, preparing and printing leaflets and producing posters, Havering BNP held its first “food distribution” for the elderly.

Twenty activists gathered – including some from other areas – to set up and man the food bank, as well as to distribute copies of Mick’s leaflet on convicted paedophiles in the Labour Party.

While some activists manned the food bank, others took to the nearby shopping streets to hand out leaflets, and some of the younger members went to nearby residential areas to leaflet.

Ray used the mega phone to let the elderly know that they were welcome to come and choose some free food. Food donations included tins of soup, ham, fish, steak and chicken pies, and the Havering Branch then purchased tins of peas, carrots and potatoes, so that the elderly could have a complete meal.

Other items donated were tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits. At Mick’s wise suggestion, we limited each person to four items each, although there was obviously room for discretion.

The food was very gratefully received by many pensioners. Some were unwilling to seem greedy and would accept food only after being pressed (unlike so many immigrants who are willing to grab benefits with both hands!)

One lady was nearly in tears as she was given her chosen food, and explained that “this current lot don’t care for the elderly at all – I’ve always voted Labour but I’m going to vote for you next time”.

Another lady was seen to cross the road towards us, having difficulty pushing her shopping trolley.

One of the activists went to help her and discovered she had hurt her wrist, but had to come out to get necessary food, despite the pain she was in, and the fact that she was 91!

Where is the “care in the community” that this government claims to provide to people in need like this?

She was given food – more than the standard four items; and was then driven to her home by one of the activists, to save her having to wait for and struggle to get on to a bus.

The BNP is active in caring in the community.
One elderly lady using a mobility scooter was so impressed with what we were doing, that she went back home to collect some food to donate to us, so that she could also do her bit in helping her neighbours.

She brought us two carrier bags full, and a second lady walked up off the street, and handed us a bag of food items she had just purchased for us to give out.

Several of the elderly asked how often we would be doing this, or would we be back next week. Some put some money in our donation tin, while others were so very thankful, as one activist, Bob Taylor said “just to see the smiles on their faces makes all this hard work worthwhile”.

Along with each food donation, each person was given a copy of the colourful postcard “Wake Up Britain”, explaining who were are and what we believe in.

Some also took copies of the Labour paedophile leaflet.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, with hundreds of items given away, over 1200 leaflets and many happy smiling faces seen throughout.

Four new postal voters were also signed up, and the feedback from the general public was very positive.
Among the elderly who were given food were some who were lonely and wanted to chat for a bit (which we were happy to), and one who was in the process of being evicted from her council house and was very distressed.

Another explained that while her pension had gone up, her rent had gone up more and her pension credit had gone down, leaving her worse off. These are the type of issues which a BNP councillor could and would follow up.

We also had the privilege of chatting to a man who was 95, and who was in full sympathy with our beliefs. Many people expressed their gratitude that we were there, doing something real (as distinct from talking about it) for the elderly.

A big well done to Havering for being the first branch to follow through with the food bank idea, and let’s hope that many other branches will follow suit.

Mick said “it really doesn’t take a lot to do, and yet it makes such a difference to the old people to know that someone out there really cares for them”.

Bob added “It is also encouraging that members of the public will donate food, as this could eventually be something which could be done at very little cost to the local branch; and it shows that community spirit is still alive.”

It really is easy to become involved in a food bank: all it takes is a table top, some posters and some donated food. It is probably one of the easier ways to start activism, as the public are genuinely pleased to see you, and the positive feedback makes for more confidence in explaining who the BNP are and what they stand for.

In the eyes of many people “actions speak louder than words” so by taking this sort of positive action, the British National Party is seen as being genuinely caring.

Everyone in and around London is welcome to attend these activities, and if you interested, please contact Steve Squire on 07771 598 227.

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