Blowing the whistle! Nick Griffin exposes scandal of EU 'art' collection - and guess who pays for it?

Sat, 28/04/2012 - 11:42
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Over £1,500,000. That's how much of your tax money leftist bureaucrats at the European Parliament have blown on talentless 'modern art'.

The exact total spent on 387 pieces of junk, such as Dwarf and Two Suns (pictured here) to hang on the walls of the buildings of the European Parliament is a staggering 1,827,501 Euros.

"That's a lot of nurses, leaking school roof repairs or pensioners' heating bills," says Nick Griffin, who uncovered the shocking cost of the EU's 'art' collection with a batch of written questions to the European Commission and the Parliamentary President Martin Schulz.

"Even worse," says the British National Party MEP for North West England, "Herr Schulz has confirmed that the buying programme is still going on. Despite imposing savage austerity cuts on millions of ordinary people, EU bosses still think it's OK to blow vast amounts of our money on such talentless rubbish. It's an insult to British taxpayers."

In his latest Dispatch from the Belly of the Brussels Beast, featured on a recent World @ 8 web radio broadcast, Mr. Griffin told listeners that:

"I was also informed that the value of the collection 'is currently subject to ongoing valuation by art experts' I will be writing back to Herr Prezident Schulz suggesting that the quickest and most cost effective way of getting an accurate valuation is simply to sell the whole lot!

"The empty spaces on the walls could perhaps be filled by stretched canvass reproductions of classic, genuine works of art chosen online by ordinary voters to represent the best of our own traditional national cultures.
One hundred lines!

"Even cheaper, and perhaps more constructive, would be to put up large blank posters, one for each MEP, on which they would be compelled to write, in their native languages of course, the words: I MUST NOT WASTE TAXPAYERS' MONEY. One hundred times!"  

Mr. Griffin is now planning to submit a Written Declaration on the subject, and to challenge MEPs from all parties to back him in a move to stop such tax-wasting extravagance.

"Compared to the amount that the EU wastes on the disastrous Common Agricultural Policy or handouts to Muslim extremists in the Middle East, the amount they're blowing on 'modern art' is chicken feed. But it's symbolically very telling that these out-of-touch fanatics feel free to force the taxpayer to fund such deliberately anti-cultural neo-Marxist garbage.

"The upside is that it's such a simple point that everyone will 'get' it and it's going to make a lot of decent people very angry. When I took my seat I promised to go rooting about and expose some of the Europhile's dirty little secrets. Here's a classic example.

"Job done, thanks to all the BNP voters who sent me there. I hope that readers will pass these photos and the facts on to at present 'non-political' friends. They're bound to wake a few more people up to the wasteful reality of EU rule."

The full text of President Schulz's reply to Mr. Griffin is as follows:

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