Blackbird in Westminster.

Thu, 10/01/2013 - 22:00
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A sharp morning greets Blackbird as he flies off into the gentle airs sweeping downstream above The Thames. Grey herons and black shag divers work the water for fish as mallards paddle and seagulls glide in a great crèche of young 'uns.

The traffic of Westminster Green swarms like ants and beckons Blackbird towards the palace.

Blackbird swoops low over Cromwell Green fleeting in behind a member as she holds the door for a companion snouter.
Blackbird swoops towards the trough of plenty and perches on a rafter above pig heaven.

All the usual swine are present as the first few hundred gallons of swill is gulped and guzzled by the assembled porkers.

Prime porker Andrew Lansley already has both front trotters in the swill and gulps snortingly.
Peter Bone wants a committee of the whole House to consider the matter of oink equal marriage grunt.

Gay marriage seems to have transmuted into equal grunt marriage. Are there homosexual pigs?

Grunt oink slurp the House seems to be living proof of queer pigs as porkers mount porkers in the swill.
Lansley porker is not interested oink slurp, we are having gay marriage for pigs as Prime Porker David Camoron and Nick grunt oink Clegg are coming out and marrying in Westminster Abbey oink slurp gulp.

The swine chorus click clacks into view "I'm getting married in the morn morn morning," gulp slurp, "get me to the church church church on time."

Happy chorus pigs twiddle and twirl around the speaker while the youngest snout holds up a sign reading "song shortened due to coalition cuts".

The swine chorus twiddle into a raucous heap of writhing porkers.
Lansley pig gulps snortingly with porking delight winking at the leading sow. "Romance is in the air snort..." the swine chorus click clacks out of site.
Luciana sow Berger trills oink slurp gulp working people are even having to draw food from food banks.

Bob Blackman wants to expose the wastage in Labour-pass-me-another-trough run councils.
Lynn Brown wants control of betting shops on High Streets.
Oink slurp grunt Philip Davies wants a debate on the increasing attacks on public service workers.
William my-snout-is-bigger-than-yours Hague says there are 600,000 refugees and 59,000 dead in Syria and as a result has decided it is about time some of our young people got killed there as well.

Snouter Hague has it all planned out, oink slurp. He is going to squander hundreds of millions of pounds supporting a bunch of Muslim thugs and thieves in Syria while letting our old and poor die of starvation and hypothermia here.

Snouter Hague talks about human rights and clearly doesn't realise that in the Muslim mind there is no such thing as human rights apart from greed, lies and death for unbelievers.
Porker Hague has clearly fallen out oink of his trough.

Douglas Alexander opposition snouter slurps up a great gulp of swill and agrees with Hague porker. Porkine cheers resonate around the green benches. "Anoth anoth another lovely wa wa war!" The swine chorus trot annoyingly around Hague's feet. Thunk they collide with the trough.

Diana sow Johnson wants all sexual violence stopped in the Syrian civil war. Doesn't this dotty sow realise that Muslim and sexual violence are one and the same thing.

Oink slurp oink slurp synonymous sweet porkine delight. Nice quad of trotters though.

Sweet snout Villiers Marxist traitor and betrayer of our loyalist people of Ulster swears unbending grunt, let me just count these fivers the IRA paid me to betray my own people. Snort.

With dross sows like Villiers ruling us clearly Ulster will soon be an IRA province with its own unelected parliament of grunt oink slurp snouters.
According to snout the quisling pig Villiers it is all the fault of the Ulster Volunteer Force and absolutely nothing to do with IRA traitors.
Villiers sow is a traitor and should be supporting Ulster loyalists.

The Union Jack flies over all government buildings on mainland Britain so why all of a sudden not over government offices in Belfast? Andrew Rosindell wants to know!

Clearly Villiers has double standards like all the other swill soaked porkers in Westminster.

Jeffrey Donaldson snouter says Unionists are excluded from decision making which is why we have riots.

The peace process is a sham that only benefits the Marxist IRA snouters.

Traitor Villiers snouts a huge gulp of IRA swill and ignores the truth. So much easier to support the IRA.

Villiers' pig eyes glaze over in delight at all the IRA swill she will now be able to wallow in.
Toby Perkins wants the government porkers to engage with the loyalist community.

Waffle waffle waffle replies Villiers. Snort gulp oink.

Overwhelmed with disgust at the traitor pig Villiers, Blackbird sweeps into the rafters and flies off into the Westminster night.

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