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Sat, 06/04/2013 - 13:00
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James Frederick Connolly who died on the 23rd of September, lived his life according to nationalist principles.

He was a longtime member of the British National Party and one of his prize possessions was a signed photograph of our Party Chairman Nick Griffin.

James, an ex-Railway worker from London, had retired to the seaside resort of Newquay in Cornwall, but he never forgot about the cause.

A year or so before he died he telephoned the offices of the BNP and said that he wanted to leave a substantial bequest to the Party he loved.

As Treasurer, I drove the long distance from Carlisle to Newquay to speak with James Connolly and turn his wish into a reality.

I take my responsibility to put into effect the wishes of members and supporters relating to their legacy and arrangements very seriously indeed, as do my team.

James knew that we rely overwhelmingly on donations from our members to carry out our work.

We don’t have the backing of big unions or big business.

That’s one of the reasons we are able to retain our independence, to speak our minds and represent ordinary British people.

By leaving a gift to the BNP, he knew we could be bolder in our aims, safe in the knowledge that funds will be there in the years to come.

Just as James did not forget the cause, the cause will not forget him.

Due to his commitment and generousity along with others, the BNP has not only survived a difficult financial period, but it has grown stronger.

For years our opponents have desperately tried to write us off, but they have never been able to account for the burning passion of our members and supporters.

They underestimated you and they underestimated our collective determination to put right the wrongs brought about by successive anti-British governments.

James was given an honourable burial with our Party leader and other members in attendance along with some of his closest neighbours.

The Rev West officiated in the thanksgiving for his life and the last post was played at his graveside by a member of the British Veterans' Group.

James Connolly has written his name on a roll of honour which is treasured and highly revered by the Party.

He was a hero and a patriot who decided to fight on after he had gone for the country he loved.

He knew that the BNP was the only hope for our people and he did something about it.

It is because of the determination, passion, courage and prescience of people like James that the BNP remains defiant and undefeated and the only hope for the survival of the British people in their homeland.

All the important organisations in Britain rely heavily on bequest donations; every charity would be bankrupt without a regular flow of large bequests.

Political parties and organisations like the British Red Cross are all supported by this form of patrotism, and we, in the BNP need to promote this vital initiative if we are to survive, thrive and give hope to future generations.

Rest in Peace James Frederick Connolly (6th March 1930 - 23rd September 2012), you've earned it!

To find out how a gift in your will can make a difference, visit or call 0845 809 4581 or email


Clive Jefferson
National Treasurer, British National Party

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