BBC journalists go on strike.

Mon, 18/02/2013 - 14:00
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By John Booth-At last it’s happened. BBC journalists are on strike. Let’s hope they don’t rush back when they find their beer money running low.

Now perhaps they will realise and the rest of the nation will realise that BBC journalists are not wanted nor noticed.

Perhaps the whole of the BBC will go on strike then we won’t have to pay any of them.

Perhaps there’s no such luck, but we can hope. Their racist, bigoted, anti-white and anti-working class diatribes should not have to be paid for by the government coercion called the licence fee.

Try this at home. Turn on Radio 4 (more correctly known as racist radio 4) at random 4 times a day, once in a morning, once in the middle of the day, once in the afternoon and again at night.

More often than not the program will be about Asians, Africans, Afro-Americans or books and authors loved by the middle class.

The only time the white working class will be mentioned is as obese, illiterate, stupid, indolent, money grabbing scum. The last census reveals that London is now mainly populated by foreigners.

If you went to sleep and woke up in inner London you would think that you had travelled to Zimbabwe or somewhere just as awful. Most English towns now have large black and Asian ghettos.

For what? Are we any better off? 2.5 million unemployed, millions on a desultory minimum wage (only introduced as a result of mass immigration), graduates having to work in jobs a 12 year old could do and the prospect of everything getting worse.

45 years ago before mass immigration wreaked its havoc; we had only 250,000 unemployed, a growing economy, no need for a minimum wage, no racist ghettos and little or no racism except among the upper classes.

Now racism and segregation is big in every major town in England.

Look out Wales and Scotland you’re next.

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