BBC Capitulates Totally to Political Correctness

Thu, 14/03/2013 - 15:00
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By Dr Phil Edwards-The total capitulation of the BBC to the madness of Political Correctness should be seen as a very serious matter and cause for concern, not just because it contravenes the BBC Charter obligation to “Entertain, Educate and Inform” but because it creates an entirely false view of Britain and British society.

As Anthony Browne puts it in his excellent book “The Retreat of Reason” – political correctness and the corruption of public debate in modern Britain:

“In the topsy-turvy politically correct world, truth comes in two forms: the politically correct, and the factually correct.

The politically correct truth is publicly proclaimed correct by politicians, celebrities and the BBC even if it is wrong, while the factually correct truth is publicly condemned as wrong even when it is right.

Factually correct truths suffer the disadvantage that they don’t have to be shown to be wrong, merely stated that they are politically incorrect” [and ignored].

The three main areas which have to be guarded by the PC inspectors at the BBC are concerned with “the unholy trinity” – “Racism”, “Sexism” and “Homophobia” (and there’s a new one ready for inclusion – “Islamophobia”).

The most common and irritating habit of BBC staff is to give “half a story” when reporting on crime, specifically failing to report the ethnicity of criminals in news bulletins.

The BBC reported that during the recent Vicky Pryce trial the jury was sacked by the judge because they were incapable of understanding what was happening and being said.

It was only by chance a few days later I discovered the jury contained ten non white members out of a total of 12. For completeness this politically incorrect fact should have been included.

Why does the BBC ignore or not report the race of criminals in all manner of crimes, such as muggings, murders, rapes, grooming of underage girls and so on.

They routinely ask if such details are “relevant”.

Evidently the BBC staff deems it NOT to be relevant – the politically correct view – but without justification from any authority on criminology or psychology, nor any debate to decide if it might be relevant.

Perhaps it is not relevant but how are BBC reporters and editors qualified to make such a judgement? The NUJ strictly outlaw reporting of such details too.

They even ask if they should mention when an offender is white, which is fine by me, although should we not be able to assume in our own country that a person is white unless told otherwise?

And, according to the BBC, the London riots had nothing to do with race, just “poverty”.

The “Book of the week” on radio 4 is currently “The Last days of Detroit” where there’s never a mention that most of the gun toting villains are black, but when the heroic stand of Dr Ossian Sweet in 1925 against neighbours who did not welcome his presence in their street was mentioned, we were left in no doubt that Dr Sweet was Afro American.

Women’s “issues” are another crazy obsession of the BBC – such deeply divisive programmes like “Woman Hour” feature moaning feminists, encouraged to complain about how awful men are and how those terrible men stop them from having equal numbers of jobs and wages (the PC truth), but no mention of the fundamental biological and life style differences between male and female (the factually correct, un PC truth).

Women spokesmen are encouraged to proclaim themselves as “feminists” – ie people who pretend men and women are the same – and any form of “discrimination” towards women, even benign discrimination which takes into account their different biology, psychology and physical and mental capabilities, is described as “sexism”.

Naturally, the recent “International Woman’s Day” was an orgy of men hating feminazism on the BBC.

Today's edition talked about women being "followed" by men without mentioning that a disproportionate number of these men are probably foreigners or other undesirable aliens.

The promotion of homosexuality (or “gay” issues) is another BBC obsession, with never an acknowledgement that most people find the topic distasteful and best not talked about in public.

The BBC are currently under public criticism for the exclusive and virulent left wing nature of “comedians” on shows like Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation or the News Quiz, and are now desperately searching for “right wing” comedians to make up the balance.

The basic problem is that political correctness has outlawed the best comedians in the tradition of late great comics like Benny Hill, Bernard Manning, and Max Wall who were all really funny with jokes about mothers in law, blacks, poofs and other topics.

Classic episodes of Steptoe and Son and Faulty Towers are being censored, the Black and White Minstrel and Benny Hill shows and the hilarious “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”, are totally banned on the BBC for “racism”, “sexism” and “homophobia” (“They is all poofs” says the Sergeant Major in most episodes of the latter).

There’s also the factor that dismal lefties are usually dreary malcontents which is reflected in their vindictive and spiteful “comedy” against people they perceive as right wing, content and successful.

By contrast “right wingers” are too busy to go around making jokes about lefties (we spend our time on constructive, un-PC criticism of them instead).

So the BBC have as much chance of finding “right wing” comics as they do in being able to shake off the torpor of political correctness which colours their news and current affairs output.

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