Architecture: The Sign of a Healthy Society

Fri, 26/04/2013 - 10:00
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By John Salvage-People from every nation on earth, and from disparate walks of life, enjoy looking at, photographing, and studying with joy and amazement, the beauty and genius of British and European architecture.

Buildings, buttresses, arches, stone mullion windows, and aqueducts etc, simply amaze them. And why shouldn't they? They are indicative of the healthy and innovative European mind.

The designs, the written ideas for them, the ancient drawings on parchment, and the men who thought these things into fruition are after all, only to be found here in the western world.

Obviously, there are structures of beauty and wonder all over this planet, with its diverse cultures and distinct racial groups. However, it is only here in Britain and the western hemisphere, where one finds so many aesthetically pleasing pieces of architecture, and even on or in the most simple buildings, constructed for equally simple and sometimes mundane uses.

Such architecture is the moon's distance away from earth, of the soviet version seen in our poor, debt ridden modern society.

If there was ever a solitary sign of degeneration, shambolic institutionalised laziness, and bureaucratic corruptness right in front of our eyes every day, these things are part of that very sign.

A culture or society that allows its leaders to throw up costly, pug-ugly buildings, with many of those involved in their planning, greedily taking cash from indifferent developers to build Communist type glass, steel, and concrete monstrosities, is a sad and pathetic reflection of itself.

In the days when our lands were no where near the debt ridden, third-word state they have become, we saw the building of many homes in working class areas, on private estates, and on high streets in city, town, and village alike, using construction techniques that today, would be deemed far too costly, or thought too indicative of tradition and high culture to even be considered, never mind achieve the technical drawing or CGI stage.

Our society's infrastructure is in fact, a reflection of the Marxist world view, and their rubber stamping zombie-like puppet staff, of the type of bureaucracy seen in cold, harsh, dictatorial Eastern Europe, and the old Zionist controlled Soviet Russia. Our leaders have given up on traditionalist views, from within and without.

We are a shell, as are most of the nations built up and populated by our European kith and kin. One only has to pass through fleetingly, some of the now third-world, crime ridden towns and cities in Britain and in America, mainland Europe, Canada and Australasia, where Victorian and Edwardian homes were built for all classes to live in, to see even the smallest piece of architectural loveliness, that once meant a healthy mind, body, soul, and economic free will.

Arched windows, ''Fan Vault'' entrances such as the one seen in the picture accompanying this article, can still be seen. Where are such beautiful ideas in modern architecture to be seen nowadays?


And unless we take the collective war on our own people seriously, we will continue to live in their dark, ugly shadow.

We will have nothing of any worth to show, or to leave our coming generation. Imagine a young child, and one not yet born, eventually seeing only pictures online, or in an old library book, and not knowing such physical or practical beauty?

Many of our readers wish not to. After all, our civilisation was built from ancient stone. Stonehenge being the obvious one in Britain.

In the following centuries from Stonehenge and well before that, as the Europeans advanced in a sustainable and healthy, self generating and self-sufficient mono-racial society, with high culture, literature, and of course, architectural brilliance, we helped to create what others could never have even thought of.

Our ways are that of the healthy, not of the debased and degenerate. Our culture's influences can be seen in places as far off as South America, Asia, Africa, and the near Middle East.

Our philosophers enriched the mind of the savage. Our intellect endowed millions to alter their behaviour, just like the classical musicians altered moods, and sadly, like some modern music alters the minds of our youth for the worse.

We now face having to swap, albeit against our collective will, buildings with architecture that was once as ''cheap as chips'' as the saying goes, for the poorly designed, lazy inflation related, debt laden ugliness, often known as ''modern architecture'' or futuristic. Such buildings are costly, for they will not last as the traditional, superior ones of our not so long-ago past have done. We face not only political slavery, but socio-cultural and economic slavery.

Our next generation, will possibly never understand what it was, and just about still is like, to gaze in awe at a marvellous cathedral.

Their world will be one of intellectual and architectural slavery, boredom, and sheer loneliness in lack of wonder.
Any nation that has caved in to globalism, via treacherous leaders, money-grubbing puppets, and public sector tax-funded bureaucrats, cannot be expected to survive as a functioning, self-sustaining culture.

Buildings, whether functional, purposefully aesthetic, for business, public use, or otherwise, are THE most obvious sign of how a nation is being led, and how much debt it carries on its shoulders.

You cannot build aesthetically pleasing buildings, with intellectual and traditional righteousness, unless you can afford them. We can no longer afford them.

Our nations require a RENAISSANCE, a fully professional, legally institutionalised Western Renaissance.

The blueprint for this can be viewed here:

Out there, in the wilderness of the architectural, intellectual, and artistic desert that is modern Europe, Britain, and our long-held lands, there are professionals.

There are people like ourselves, longing for not only political change via our various nation's Nationalist leaders and political parties etc, but a change in philosophy.

This change can only come through connecting with architects, lawyers, former diplomatic staff, traditionalist banking personnel and experts.

A change for good cannot be left to an increasingly demoralised and apathetic electorate. Also, such a change needs to be fundamental.

It requires action, and not simplistic or intellectually superior narrative led hope on paper.
For very little effort and funding, we can collectively attain what has politically been denied to us in our disparate, and some say, desperate countries.

Professionals from every walk of life, Semi-Skilled people, labourers, and everyone in between, including those naturally inclined Nationalistic thinking youngsters, should have an opportunity, a very real one, which can cross all sections of free-thinking patriotic society and classes, to start such a revolution.

Slowly, and with precision and clarity of thought, we can regain our heritage. There is no longer any need to continue talking, writing, or producing mountain after mountain of narrative.

The narrative concerning ''our culture'' has been stolen, hijacked, and brutalised to suit an alien agenda.
Shall we now start our own architectural, artistic, intellectual, and above all, practical revolution?

As discussed herein, there are professionals out there, in addition to those of us whom enjoyed the many articles of doom and gloom, political potential, and supposed love of our own kind in the past... we cannot continue to talk.

As debt increases, so does the line where we stood, saying enough is enough, whilst stupidly moving backward. As the line gets blurred, or keeps being taken further back, our heritage, our buildings, our traditional professions, are also being pushed further back, and blurred.

We can stop the doom and gloom now, by being connected, and making our own way back to a civilised, high cultured, integrity based society. Architecture is the real sign of a healthy society.

Let us walk in the footsteps of our forefathers. Let us create a world in the image of those great thinkers, philosophers, artists, and architects.

No one will do it for us, so let's do it ourselves, post haste.

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