Arab Spring? More like a nightmare for the West

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 15:00
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By Northernscot-It is interesting to see how the Americans have suddenly forgotten to speak to Egypt’s new dictator Mohammed Mursi, since his grab of ultimate power.

Only a few weeks ago Obama was singing the praises of the man who supposedly brokered a peace deal between Islamic terrorists Hamas and the Israeli government.

The Arab spring as it came to be known was eagerly pushed along by the Americans with their Western allies.

All were excited, hoping confidently of the dawning of democracy within Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.

Bahrain was one step too far, not wanting to encourage too much democracy in the pro-Western oil rich kingdom, nor Saudi Arabia.

The Americans have a vested interest in Egypt, seeing that they give the Egyptian government many hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Crazy when the Americans face an impossible task to ever pay off their own colossal debt.

After pro-Western President Mubarak was dumped by the West, we were told a new dawn was coming to Egypt.
Then Libya came on to the arena and Britain, the French and Italians all jumped at the chance of bringing democracy to that country.

There was no problem with each of these countries funding weapons for the so called “freedom fighters” even though again, each country is in dire debt. So the money was borrowed to help the revolution along.

The Americans kept clear of Libya and just hovered in the background. It was not long before a mixture of Islamic radical groups sprung up alongside the genuine rebels, both using Western funded and donated weaponry.

What has gone wrong?

In Egypt we now have enthroned an Islamic radical, who cares nothing but for his own power. He now shoves down the throats of Egypt’s 10 million Coptic Christians and millions of other moderate Muslims, his version of democracy, in other words none.

Egypt is now at a crossroads.

Either there will be another civil uprising or the country will become another dangerous state like Iran.

The Muslim Brotherhood has very close links to the Iranian government.
During the so called democratic elections, whole neighbourhoods lived in by Coptic Christians, were blocked off by gun carrying members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This was done deliberately to stop them voting for the opposition. Yet the Americans and their Western allies looked the other way on purpose.

There was no mention by the West of the Muslim brotherhood’s plans to tax Egypt’s Christians and Jews, to protect them. The idea was simple, If you don’t pay then we unleash the nasty brigade on you, was the image given by the Brotherhood.

Luckily, the Western press picked up on this tax and the Muslim Brotherhood quickly withdrew it. No doubt to bring it in another day.

Under the new dictator Mursi, Coptic Christians are being attacked, churches burnt and young Christian girls kidnapped and raped. Where are the Americans and their Western allies now? Where is the great Obama?

Meanwhile, Libya is fragmenting between the East part of the country and the Western half. Democracy in this country is loosely held together by negotiations of interested groups.

Large amounts of weaponry are held by Islamic radicals and were used only a month or so ago, to kill the American ambassador J Christopher Stevens and three of his co-workers.

Yet Obama seems to show little interest in the action taken by the extremists. In fact, it was an American Republican governor, who requested access to the one person held in connection for the crimes.

The Obama administration is now engaged in a rear guard campaign to protect their image in the USA, over what they actually knew about the attack.

In Syria, the “freedom fighters” are again a mixture of ordinary young people and Islamic extremists. It has been said that the Americans were negotiating with the Turks to transfer weaponry from Libya through Turkey to the Syrian free forces.

Yet, there has been no mention from Western governments concerning the ethnic cleansing of Syria’s large Christian population. Churches are being regularly destroyed by fighters who demand a hard line Islamic state in Syria.

It all seems to have gone horribly wrong for the West, whilst Islamic hardliners jump for joy that the West has blown the region into chaos, just ripe for Islamic revolution.

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