Anti-BNP regional dailies are losing readers as well

Sat, 22/09/2012 - 05:00
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By Giuseppe de Dantis-Another good news for nationalists as also anti-BNP regional dailies are losing readers.
Here’s how each of the UK regional daily titles performed.

The list includes several Johnston Press titles which have gone weekly since the period under review.


Western Morning News 30,325 -2.4pc
The Echo (Southend, Basildon, Castle Point) 29,125 -3.3pc
Yorkshire Post 37,833 -4.7pc
Burton Mail 11,612 -4.8pc
Hull Daily Mail 41,222 -5.3pc
Cambridge News 19,860 -5.4pc
Liverpool Echo 80,762 -5.5pc
Colchester Gazette 15,259 -5.6pc
Gloucestershire Echo 14,999 -5.6pc
Sheffield Star & Green ‘Un 35,089 -5.8pc
Southern Daily Echo 29,973 -6.2pc
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 49,199 -6.3pc
Dorset Echo 16,313 -6.4pc
The Press, York 24,312 -6.5pc
The Northern Echo 38,479 -6.6pc
Swindon Advertiser 16,837 -6.8pc
Derby Telegraph 30,137 -6.9pc
The Citizen, Gloucester 18,501 -7.1pc
Worcester News 13,305 -7.2pc
Bournemouth Daily Echo 24,825 -7.4pc
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 15,197 -7.4pc
Yorkshire Evening Post 33,805 -7.4pc
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18,971 -7.6pc
Oxford Mail 17,556 -7.9pc
Western Daily Press 26,053 -8pc
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph 17,018 -8.2pc
Carlisle News and Star (East) 11,271 -8.3pc
Grimsby Telegraph 23,791 -8.4pc
Liverpool Daily Post 7,519 -8.5pc
Teesside Evening Gazette 36,986 -8.8pc
North West Evening Mail 12,884 -8.8pc
Halifax Courier 14,272 -9.4pc
Shields Gazette 13,720 -9.5pc
Scarborough Evening News 9,914 -9.5pc
Coventry Telegraph 31,064 -9.6pc
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 24,163 -9.7pc
The Herald, Plymouth 26,803 -9.8pc
Hartlepool Mail 12,789 -9.9pc
The Bolton News 19,740 -10pc
The News, Portsmouth 37,257 -10.1pc
The Argus Brighton 22,399 -10.2pc
Lancashire Telegraph 20,870 -10.3pc
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 13,834 -10.5pc
Shropshire Star 49,751 -10.5pc
Birmingham Mail 42,252 -10.5pc
Sunderland Echo & Football Echo 29,366 -10.6pc
The Sentinel 45,343 -10.7pc
Leicester Mercury 45,465 -11.1pc
Oldham Evening Chronicle 12,849 -11.1pc
The Journal, Newcastle 23,291 -11.4pc
Express & Star, Wolverhampton 100,244 -11.4pc
Bristol Evening Post 33,784 -11.9pc
Lancashire Evening Post 20,379 -12.1pc
Wigan Evening Post 6,213 -12.4pc
Carlisle News and Star (West) 4,302 -12.9pc
The Gazette, Blackpool 19,185 -13.1pc
Manchester Evening News 78,984 -13.2pc
Nottingham Post 30,648 -13.3pc
The Post, Bristol 32,996 -13.9pc
Doncaster Star 1,931 -17pc
Eastern Daily Press Pending
Norwich Evening News Pending
East Anglian Daily Times Pending
Ipswich Evening Star Pending
Ipswich Star Pending


Daily Post, North Wales 30,585 -3.8pc
The Leader (Wrexham, Flintshire & Chester) 15,314 -5.1pc
The Western Mail 25,435 -5.6pc
South Wales Echo 30,178 -7.9pc
South Wales Argus 21,437 -8.1pc
South Wales Evening Post 36,623 -8.8pc


Press & Journal, Aberdeen 68,659 -3.4pc
Dundee Evening Telegraph 22,496 -4.8pc
Greenock Telegraph 13,470 -6.1pc
Paisley Daily Express 6,887 -8.6pc
Dundee Courier & Advertiser 56,243 -9.3pc
Aberdeen Evening Express 43,067 -10pc
Edinburgh Evening News 35,611 -10.9pc
Glasgow Evening Times 45,942 -12.3pc

Northern Ireland

Irish News 42,084 -3.6pc
News Letter 22,198 -5.5pc
Sunday Journal 2,375 -7.5pc
Belfast Telegraph 53,847 -9.2pc
Sunday Life 48,746 -11.5pc

Channel Islands

Guernsey Press & Star 15,013 -1pc
Jersey Evening Post 17,912 -1pc

It's good to see that the Manchester Evening News (now owned by the Trinity Mirror Group) is one of the local papers who lost most readers and this is quite important as with a little effort we can bankrupt this rag quite easily and surely the Great Manchester area will be far better off without it.

As for the other local papers it's clear that the number of people willing to pay to read lies and Marxist propaganda in increasing and it's quite interesting to see how many of the worst performers are in areas badly damaged by mass immigration.

As those papers are responsible for the destruction of Britain it's quite important to boycott all of them so that we can hit them where it hurts most, in their pocket.

The more will close down the better as they did nothing to help the community and everyone can do his/her bit to achieve that because together we can.

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