Another media smear exposed.

Tue, 23/04/2013 - 19:00
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Greek patriots condemn anti-immigrant attacks and place blame where it lies - with greedy capitalists

The Increasingly popular Golden Dawn movement in Greece has responded to media and leftist lies that it supports attacks on illegal immigrants by issuing a statement condemning the latest violence and pointing out that the people to blame for illegal immigrants taking Greek jobs are the capitalists who employ and exploit such slave labour.
If the controlled media would allow such nationalist arguments to be aired, then they would help to defuse antagonism between the indigenous people and immigrants.

This is as true in Britain as in Greece. But, of course, they won't, which is why we're reproducing the GD statement in full - so you can make up your own mind.

Golden Dawn condemns the perpetrators of the incidents at Manolada and the shootings against the foreigners. She also condemns those that employ illegal immigrants, depriving a living from thousands of Greek families.

The rotten political regime that drove the country to this dreadful situation, with millions of illegal immigrants flooding the nation, is completely responsible for the events at Manolada.

All those people that brought the foreigners here and tolerated their black employment and exploitation should not pretend to be touched by those events.

Politicians of the Left and the Right, supposedly "humanists", share responsibility for both the slave trade and the huge problems foreigners cause against the Greek People.

Only Golden Dawn has a clear solution for this: Deportation of all illegal immigrants! A definitive end to the black labour of the immigrants!

Commentary by the Golden Dawn Admin:
Not even a day passed from the dreadful incident at Manolada and the usual suspect was on trial once again.

The predictable leftists managed to find the link between the shooter and Golden Dawn, thus exposing the truth about our bloodthirsty nature.

Proof? You're not going to need that in a world where Zionist-owned Mass Media produces and broadcasts lies just to hurt the Movement.

Just say something against us, and you got the Media's trust and coverage. The Media also reported that we recruit immigrants, just to discredit our Nationalist ideology.

That is the sheer size of their desperation to battle a Party that is an actual threat to their System.
Lets comment on that "... with the support of Golden Dawn" line.

Golden Dawn has exposed many times the reasons why many leftist politicians (that happen to be quite rich) support immigration. The reason is that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are a cheap and obedient work force.

We have claimed in another article:
"But who was the actual beneficiary of the massive foreign invasion of our country? That would undoubtedly be the Capitalist class[...]"

The land owners, seeking to maximize their profits, drove the Greek farmers and workers of rural Greece to extinction, and replaced them with foreigners that would work for few cents and never claim their rights, as they were found in this position due to slave trade...

slave trade that the State and especially the Leftists never combat because "that would be racist - borders are scars on Earth's flesh!”

The reality is that illegal immigration in Greece (and not only) is a big buck game. So the accusation of our "support" towards the strawberry gangsters is disgusting, cheap and opportunistic propaganda by the "zombies" of the status quo.

I hold as a great truth that the primal enemy of the Social Nationalists are the owners of the mean of production that employ those slaves, depriving from the Greek workers any chance to survival during those hard neo-liberal times, such as the perpetrators of this crime.

Leftists, like those that created the poster above, think that illegal employment is ... patriotism or nationalism; these are vague terms in their heads. In reality it's the highest form of treason, and the perpetrators are Right-wing stooges and Leftists alike - the former like to distort Golden Dawn Racialist views.

The Party rightfully condemns all those involved in this slave trade. The employers and their opportunism that are part of a greater mechanism tasked with exterminating the Greek farmers - the State for allowing the slave trade to go on, despite our cries - and the Leftists, that exploit even the most grievous events to propagate against us, for their sheer hypocrisy when they support immigration invoking humanism, when in fact they fuel a slave market that has spread to every city and farm in Greece.

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