Another media blackout - 47 alleged Muslim groomers due at Liverpool Crown Court

Thu, 12/01/2012 - 06:00
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By Jennifer Matthys - The long-running media cover-up of the true extent of the Muslim grooming scandal continues. On the 3rd January 2012, in Liverpool Crown Court, 21 alleged Muslim groomers, all of whom are alleged to have been involved in a massive paedophile gang in the Manchester area were sent for a pre-trial hearing.

This case has a total media blackout surrounding it. As we have seen so often before, the controlled media mention the issue occasionally, but cover up the majority of cases, hoping that the general public will forget that English children (and girls from other minorities too) up and down the country are the victims of these Muslim grooming gangs.

For at least some of these alleged groomers, it would appear that this is not the first time that they have appeared in court on the allegations of abusing young girls. On the 8th June 2011, eight men appeared in Rochdale Magistrates Court, charged with conspiracy to commit penetrative sexual activity with a female under the age of 16 years. These men all received bail, even though two of them did not even turn up on the day.

The men  who appeared in Rochdale in June last year were Abdul Rauf, age 42, Liaqat Shah, age 40, Adil Khan, age 41, Qamar Shahzad, age 29, Mohammed Sajid, age 34, Mohammed Ikhlaq, age 31, Mohammed Amin, age 44, and Abdul Aziz, age 40. Read our original report here, and see a video of the demonstration that we held outside the court at the time.


Now the same names have appeared on the list of those sent for the pre-trial hearing in Liverpool. If these are the same men, it beggars belief that not only were they granted bail when originally held, but then went back onto our streets, and allegedly committed the same crimes again.
According to some sources, there are a total of at least 47 alleged Muslim groomers due to appear in Liverpool Crown Court. It is reported that they have been bailed to appear at the Crown Court on the 6th February for trial.
In response to the news of this upcoming trial, and the accompanying media blackout, Nick Griffin MEP said “While far too many grooming gangs are still being ignored by politically correct and cowardly police forces, it is good to see that more arrests are being made and that at least some of the alleged perpetrators are being brought to trial.
"There is no doubt that the pressure exerted by our continual raising of this issue has contributed to the authorities taking action. So everyone who wants to see more action has a duty to be involved in the campaign for justice.
"No-one is saying for one moment that all Muslims are racist paedophiles, but years of Establishment cowardice has helped to encourage the spread of this vile crime. It's time to stamp it out, for the sake not just of the defenceless young victims, but also for all the communities involved."


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