All in this together! - Really?

Sat, 30/03/2013 - 14:00
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The following is a letter received in our Post Box, people are beginning to realise at last that there is only one genuine Nationalist Party in town.

Sir, In December of last year I became unemployed. I had been working for a man who failed to provide pay slips, I was being underpaid, working 55/65+ hours a week and away from home, and expected to make phone calls on my own mobile phone for company use.

I would work nights and weekends for no extra pay, and yet the boss continued to claim his company was making a loss whilst still driving around in a Range Rover with a personalised number plate.

Since becoming unemployed I have seen job adverts for positions where they want Polish speakers only, pay scales which have been slashed back to rates of 10-15 years ago, and for my job in particular as a truck driver , companies are now looking for Truck and Bus drivers who hold a CPC driver training card.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a new EU directive which means whilst some drivers who work for large companies get this training paid for by the company, small firms are expecting drivers to fund and attend the training at their own expense and in their own time, when by EU law they should be "at rest" and not attending mandatory training.

Since the turn down we have been told time and again that "WE" all have to pull together, and work as a team to get our country out of the mess left by the previous Labour government.

But whilst Bankers still receive obscene bonuses and fail to give out loans to small businesses, footballers still get millions of pounds a year for doing no more than kicking a ball around for a few hours a week, and our own government recently gave away £35 million of British taxpayers money to help stop Female genital mutilation in Africa, a horrible barbaric “tradition” I grant you, but one which has nothing to do with the government of Great Britain and who should be more worried and concerned about matters closer to home.

And this, at the same time as people on benefits are being told by this very same government that they have to move out of a 2 or 3 bedroom house into smaller homes which everyone knows just don’t exist. And just weeks after members of our armed forces received letters making them redundant.

It is a fact that the native British worker, the bus driver, the warehouseman, or the shop worker have little or no chance to take "advantage" of the open border policy within the EU we currently have. We can’t find realistic paying jobs in Basildon let alone in Belgrade..

If you are a banker, computer expert, or international stockbroker, you are fine.. But if just a worker, not a hope.. And now we who are left in the UK are competing with the Teaming Masses of Eastern Europe, all of us engaged in a downwards spiralling race of lower pay, longer hours and worse conditions.

It’s not the fault of the new comers; they are only doing the best for their own families. Blame lies squarely on the shoulders of British governments over the last 50 years.

The Tories got rid of the coal industry, ship building, steel making, and the car industry. Labour with its connections to the unions of the 1970’ and 80’s made the task of keeping these same industries going almost impossible even if the Tories had wanted to. And let’s not forget, we ourselves stopped buying Austin's, Rover’s, and Leyland cars.. We bought Sony Hi-Fi’s, BMW’s, Honda’s and other imports whilst leaving British made goods on the shelves.

When the people of this country were asked if they wished to join an economic union with Europe back in the 70’s they could little of foreseen the slow erosion of their countries laws, powers and rights, nor the fact that they would be selling the jobs, homes and hopes of their sons and daughters to the sons and daughters of foreigners, who by stealth have slowly and quietly invaded this country over time...

And again I stress.. This invasion is not the fault of the newcomers. It is the responsibility of a nation’s government to protect its people and its borders.

It is they, our leaders who have betrayed this country’s native population.
We are now left with a country where low paid, low skilled workers compete with foreign born low paid, low skilled workers for jobs, whilst large multinational businesses continue to rake in huge profits at any cost.

Be they Banks, Food or Fuel companies, or the Supermarkets. Profit above all, margins mean everything, Taxes are for the little people.

If you are Young, Black, Gay, Irish Traveller, or an Asylum seeker, you have a whole host of people queuing up to help your cause, and be a voice for you.

But if you are White, Middle-aged, and British, with a family and a mortgage, well you are on your own and have to fight your own battles my friend.

My Grandfather joined the TA before World War 2; he served this country for over 30 years and fought to protect this country for the full 5 years of the war.

I am so glad he died years ago so he never saw what we have become, and what its leaders have allowed to happen to it. A generation betrayed and its effort and sacrifice wasted, just like the generation before it from the Great War era.

And we are doing it yet again, now to the men and women who serve this country in its current wars. Being made redundant, or having to rely on charities to fund working false limbs.

You may think this letter is from someone who is bitter and feels let down by his country’s elite. Disheartened, disaffected, and disconnected from the society he finds himself embroiled in and unable to understand why his country has been forced to change so dramatically without anyone’s consent or permission.

And you would be right.. I am.

We are constantly being told by “our betters” that diversity and multiculturalism is a good thing for this country and we should embrace it –but when asked by a concerned citizen WHY it is a good thing and precisely what is so great about it they are accused of being racist and berated by people whom, in the main are completely unaffected by the imposition of this policy.

It’s almost as if you have to be ashamed to be British (let alone to be “English”).Brown’s under breath “bigot lady “comments, the prime example of the contempt the political elite of this country and Europe hold our justified concerns in.

We have over 2 million British People unemployed and on benefits, and yet we still have open borders and allow one and all to enter the possible work force.

We employ nurses and doctors from all around the world, and yet none of these 2 million people could be suitable for training as nurses or doctors? None of them?

2 million plus people thrown on the scrap heap and replaced by foreign workers willing and able to work for lower pay, work longer hours and living in poor accommodation.

And let’s not even consider the building industry, where English tradesmen are sitting idle for the sake of investment, whilst Polish, Latvian, or half a dozen other races undercut the pay and conditions for the sake of a few pounds an hour less.
And what of the country’s whose health care workers we “steal”?

Would not these overseas workers be of benefit in their own country’s hospitals and clinics? Well that’s alright, the UK government will send Tax payers money over to help them out. Madness or Stupidity.. Take your pick.

The greatest Prime minister this country never had, Enoch Powell made a now infamous speech in April 1968, In it he made remarks which many liberal or Left wing commentators have taken out of context and out of time, he was after all a late Edwardian born, educated classics professor and Brigadier.

Some of his most telling and still salient remarks are these, made by a constituent of Mr Powell’s “if I had the money to go I wouldn’t stay in this country”- this is the same gentleman who went on to say to Mr Powell “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”

Powell was quoting someone else, but that part is always played by the liberal media as something Powell had written himself. Also in this speech these ringing words, if I may quote in full:

“The sense of being a persecuted minority which is growing among ordinary English people in the areas of the country which are affected is something that those without direct experience can hardly imagine”

Powell was talking then about areas such as Wolverhampton, Leicester, and Southall. In today’s Britain he could be talking about Boston, Spalding, or any one of a dozen similar towns.

Powell went on to say this:
“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, WE MUST BE MAD, Literally mad to be permitting the annual inflow of 50,000 dependents” if only it was just 50,000 Enoch.

We are currently being led by political elite who overwhelmingly have never “worked” for a real living. Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband have never worked in a factory or served at a counter.

All 3 have been involved in politics and only politics most of their adult lives.. All too many of those ministers and officials beneath them have Directorships and consultancies with Big Business and vested interests.

They are all friends together, and have connections with other friends of friends once they shuffle off elsewhere. Tony Blair is a “peace envoy” (well who said you can’t fool all of the people all of the time?), and Gordon Brown has a cushy number or two going on. Even Neil Kinnock landed a nice little job with the European Commission.

I guess we the people get what we deserve in the end. Politicians – the only job where you can have no ability, no experience, no qualifications in your chosen field, yet be in charge of other people’s lives.

This is an open letter to anyone who wishes to hear.
I would like my country back please, its Laws, its traditions, its rights ,its industry, its wealth, its self-respect, and its heritage.

I don’t really wish to share it with others who have no right to be here, or who wish to change it to something else.
If you are here already and are happy and willing to become like us, then please stay. But please don’t force your views, religion, traditions, or customs onto me or my family.

If you are NOT willing to become like us, then the airports and ports are clearly marked on the signposts.
I don’t hate immigrants; they are people trying to make a living like the rest of us. It’s rather like the soldiers of the First World War, exchanging gifts and songs.

They were brothers in arms.. It was the generals and leaders who were the enemy.

I do despise the politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, human rights lawyers ,and other parasites who have lead us all to the spot we all find ourselves in today. A curse on all your houses.

In short, I would like the country my grandfather and his comrades fought and all too often died for. The country he was promised, and thought he would hand on to his son and grandson.

I have no wish to be European, millions of Englishmen have fought and died to keep me from being a European.

I am willing to be friends with Europeans.. But I have no wish to be one thank you.
If I want to give aid to Africa, Syria, India or anywhere else. I will do it directly myself thank you.

I don’t need my government to fritter away my money which was taken from my pay without my permission in the first place.
I would like my government to sort out OUR problems first and look after OUR people first before worrying about other people in other countries.

Our leaders and government should be reminded daily the final words written by the great Englishman and explorer, Sir Robert Falcon Scott as he lay dying in his tent alongside his comrades.

“For God’s Sake look after OUR people” these words should be printed on every letter signed by ministers and officials of her majesty’s government.


Andy Smerdon

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