After Woolwich, just one choice: Slide to civil war or SEND THEM HOME!

Thu, 23/05/2013 - 16:15
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Britain must choose: Either keep pretending that a huge and growing Muslim population is ´enriching´ as we slide towards civil war.

Or admit that Islam and our civilisation cannot mix and use Britain´s vast foreign aid budget to send the Muslims home.
Not just the high profile preachers of hate. Not just the sex jihad child rape gangs.

Not just the thugs turning ´their` parts of town into No-Go areas. Not just the ones ripping off our social security system. Not just the ones waging a heroin jihad from their takeaways and taxis.

All of them, because the Muslim community as a whole protects such criminals, excuses such criminals and breeds such criminals.
A lot of people within that community are decent, law-abiding citizens but they have repeatedly failed to speak out.

And, as we keep on seeing, their religion puts into all of them the potential for sudden, violent radicalisation. Even the ´peaceful´ ones believe it´s their religious duty to spread their religion - because that´s what the Koran orders them to do.

So it´s impossible to pick and choose, impossible to separate the sheep from the wolves, impossible to be guaranteed peace and security as their numbers and confidence grows.

The hardline Sunni Islam that is spreading like a plague is totally incompatible with freedom, democracy and our Western, Christian traditions.

Either they will run this country or we will - and it will be decided by bloody civil war. Woolwich and 7/7 times a hundred thousand!
Everyone knows it, but only we dare say it.

The only alternative to Establishment surrender to Islam and a slide to civil war is to put Britain´s bloated and useless foreign aid budget to good use for a change.


Pay them to go back, with massive funding for a compulsory but peaceful resettlement in Muslim countries of the millions of Muslims - including white converts - now based in Britain.

Because it´s not fair to blame so many of them who only came here to try to get a better life for their kids. They´re not all bad, but, taken as a whole, it´s just that we can never live in peace with them.

We can also help fund this drive for peace by bringing our troops home from Muslim countries and stopping the ConDem regime´s insane meddling in countries like Syria.

Those futile foreign wars are nothing to do with us. They only waste our money and brave young soldiers, and wind up young Muslims to hate us even more.


We´ve been persecuted for telling the truth about immigration and Islam, which is why we´re the only party to be trusted on this, the most important issue of our time. And it´s why we need you to stand up and be counted and help us win back Britain


That´s why, although the controlled media hushed it up, so many young ´British` Muslims celebrate jihad murders in Woolwich.
No one else will say this, but everyone knows it´s true.

The other parties talk about cutting immigration when they´re after your vote, but none of them even means it. The Tories, LibDems and Labour created this multi-cult disaster in the first place.

Even Ukip oppose only east European immigrants, most of whom are Christian and no threat to our society as opposed to our unemployment and crime rates.

Ukip would keep out Poles but let in at least 50,000 Asians and Africans every year, giving them special permits to take our jobs.
But the BNP is different.

We´ve always opposed immigration. We´ve always said it will end in disaster and now everyone knows we´re right.

You know we´ve been persecuted for our stand, which is why you can trust us on immigration when we say:

Stop it! Reverse it! Stop Islamic terror by cutting out the cancer for good.

Send them all back and save Britain!

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