56.7% of London Births are to Foreign born Mothers but the Truth is far worse

Thu, 06/09/2012 - 14:00
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By Maid of Kent-With the release of shocking statistics from the Government which show that 56.7% of births last year in our capital city were to foreign born women, the whole sordid truth of the invasion of Britain through mass immigration has been cunningly hidden from the indigenous British people by the political parties responsible.

The statistics were reported by the MSM with a deliberately misleading emphasis on so-called Health Tourists which gives their naive readers the impression that many of these births are to foreign women who came here to take advantage of free health care and who might possibly return to their home countries after the birth.

The absurdity of this idea is exposed by the league table listings showing the Third World countries of origin of many of these mothers and the extremely unlikely scenario of them ever returning home becomes more than obvious.

Their British government assisted abuse of our welfare state services merely begins with the birth of their children, the possibility of them ever returning to Third World countries with no welfare services when the birth of a child in Britain presents them with a virtual never-ending smorgasbord of tax-payer funded benefits for them and their offspring is remote.

While stirring fury in their readers at this apparent abuse of British tax-payer provided Welfare State services by alleged health tourists, the MSM attempts to mask the true levels of the continuing mass immigration scandal by its suggestion that many of the births in Britain to foreign born mothers are from this source instead of from the continued importation of the Third World through mass immigration.

However, the true picture of births in Britain - and their effect on the indigenous British people - is not represented by any statistics which reveal the percentages of foreign born mothers but in those statistics which are not revealed, namely the percentages of births in our country to non-indigenous British born descendents of immigrants.

If these figures of British born descendents of immigrants were combined with those of foreign born mothers, the percentage of births to non-indigenous mothers would horrify a blinkered British public who mistakenly believe that Britain will still be the homeland of the indigenous British people and their culture in a couple of decades time.

By concentrating the statistics on births to foreign born mothers, horrendous enough figures which averaged out across the country account for 25.5% of births in Britain, and using the catch-all term British for anyone born in Britain whatever their racial or cultural origins, the government and its MSM stooges are able to lull the indigenous British people into the mistaken belief that nearly 75% of births in our country are to indigenous Britons.

This is far from the depressing truth. If revealed, the combined total of all births in Britain to the non-indigenous population whether British or foreign born would horrify even the most complacent Briton.

Apart from the predictable relegation of the indigenous British race to a minority in their own homeland within a few decades, the bigger picture is of the enormous financial cost to Britain, which of course is borne by the British tax-payer.

With the lie that millions of immigrants would pay our pensions being constantly exposed by the continual deferment of the retirement age, we can now see why pensions for the British people are unaffordable, along with many other state and welfare services that we have already paid for.

The cost of simply providing medical care for the 184,000 births to foreign mothers in 2011 is estimated at £30 million but considering the costs of providing continued state services like health care and education for these children - not to mention other benefits paid to mothers and children - the true costs of this foreign births epidemic will be staggering.

However, the truly dismal picture of the devastating effect of the Lib/Lab/Con mass immigration policies on our country is as usual not exposed by the MSM who just want to create sensational headlines to sell papers but don't want the British people to really understand the facts which we expose below.

The London Borough of Newham where the Olympic Stadium and the EU's largest urban shopping centre are sited was mentioned in these statistics because it had the highest percentage of births to foreign mothers in the country at a staggering 77%.

Taken in consideration with other shocking statistics for this inner London borough which is a short bus ride from central London and its wealth of employment opportunities in shops, restaurants, hotels and offices it is easy to see why our country is in economic freefall and to understand the pivotal role that mass immigration has played in our destruction.

Over 70% of the residents of Newham are from ethnic 'minorities' (still referred to as minorities even though they outnumber indigenous people by more than 2 to 1) and despite its close proximity to jobs in central London and the employment bonanza supposedly created by the London Olympics and the Westfield shopping centre which opened in 2011 it has a staggering official unemployment rate of 15% (the highest in the country and well above the next highest rate of 9.9%).

This official unemployment figure of 15% is in fact the usual bare faced Lib/Lab/Con lie because the results of a survey conducted in 2011 reveal that in 2010 almost 33% of the population were classified as 'economically inactive' (that is people who can and should work but don't) with over 21% of these claiming out-of-work benefits and significantly, of these economically inactive people less than 1 in 5 are recorded as wanting to work and such economic inactivity is higher among ethnic minorities than the indigenous British residents.

Among the working residents of this Lib/Lab/Con brave new world 'model' community, a higher percentage than average are in manual and poorly paid jobs because a significant number of them have low or no qualifications, low skill levels, lack of work experience, lack of standard English, and physical and mental health problems.

Of those who work, 2 out of every 5 are employed in the state sector - in other words provided with jobs by the governments who brought them here.

With only 10% of school children in Newham being of white British origin, heralding a near future when 90% of its residents will be ethnic 'minorities', and the borough having had the highest birth rate in the country for several years, the future population is projected to rise from an estimated 270,000 in 2010 to an incredible 375,500 by 2031, an increase of over 100,000 in 20 years which mirrors the explosive population rates of the Third World countries that the majority of residents originate from.

Other statistics relating to this colonised London borough reflect the habits, cultures and traditions of the countries of origin of these new and - according to the Lib/Lab/Con liars - improved 'Londoners' such as high rates of violent crime, high rates of HIV, high rates of TB and high rates of mental health disorders.

In short, Newham is an area of Britain which has been invaded by Third World immigrants - brought here by successive British governments who told us that these people would pay for our pensions and who were highly skilled and would do the jobs that British people would not or could not do.

Their presence in our country would 'enrich' us and bring great prosperity.

The Truth however is that the Lib/Lab/Con traitors have imported uneducated, unskilled and often unhealthy people who are unable to find work and often don't want to.

Instead of paying our pensions and bringing prosperity they drain £billions from our country each and every year in the costs of welfare state services and benefits to keep them and in the state funded enterprises deemed necessary to address and solve the countless problems created by their presence in Britain .

With these £billions multiplied across the country and with the costs associated with unemployment benefits for indigenous Britons who have been replaced in the workplace by immigrants and migrants who do work but are often only employed to undercut wage costs, it is no surprise that our country is mired in public debt.

Taking into consideration that large amounts of our currency, either earned or paid out in benefits, is sent abroad by these imported 'New Britons' and is therefore not circulated back into the British economy and the reality that the British people pressed by shrinking wages, rising prices and the necessary high taxation to pay for the mass immigration catastrophe, it surprises no-one but the politicians from the Lib/Lab/Cons and their friends in the Establishment elite and big business who profit from the importation of low paid workers that Britain is locked into a downward spiral of financial and social decay that will end with its descent into a Third World country.

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