289,266 reasons the old parties feel sick today

Wed, 15/02/2012 - 15:30
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Alliance of European Nationalist Movements makes Euro funding breakthrough!

"At long last, nationalist parties across Europe are taking real steps towards working together for the common good of our peoples and to protect our separate nations from the threat of creeping Euro-federalism."

That's Nick Griffin's take on today’s news that the Alliance of European Nationalist Movements - of which the British National Party is a key founder member - has been officially recognised by the European Parliament and will receive funding of 289,266 Euros for 2012. This in turn opens the door to a similar or larger amount next year, plus perhaps an additional 200,000 for a matching Nationalist Foundation.

Such funds are part of an EU-wide 'pot' (30 million Euros last year) which is shared out between different political blocs and their subsidiary foundations. The Conservatives, Labour, LibDems, Greens and UKIP have all worked with European allies to benefit from this scheme for many years.
Helping themselves

This year, for example, the European Liberal Democrats will scoop a total of nearly 2 million Euros for their pan-European party and a further million for their European Liberal Forum. The Tory’s Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists will take a total of over two million Euros and Labour’s Party of European socialists will get handouts totalling a staggering seven million Euros. The European Alliance for Freedom, which includes UKIP´s Godfrey Bloom, will walk off with 604,266 Euros.
Mr. Griffin tells us more about how the system works: "The beauty of the 'pot' system is that if we get the funding, we're not taking it off the unfortunate taxpayer. The money's already been taken, so if we get some of it that's at the expense of the other parties, because our share comes out of 'their' pot! At long last it would be a sort of rebate for the millions of patriotic voters all across Europe."
Establishment parties exposed

So while the controlled media and the other parties will no doubt scream blue murder over this nationalist breakthrough, and demand action to stop ´extremist´ parties receiving public funds, what they will really be exposing is the way in which the Establishment parties have been taking taxpayers´ money for years to promote their own ideological and organisational agendas.

"My personal opinion," says Mr. Griffin, "is that ALL such funding should be stopped. If people want to support specific political parties they should be free to do so with their own money, but not to take it from taxpayers, trade union members or the shareholders of companies. But while the present system stays in place, we will naturally seize every possible opportunity to level the playing field a bit."
Europe-wide party list elections

"It’s not merely a matter of money. From 2014 there's going to be much more at stake than just cash.

"From then on, European elections will see seats allotted not just according to the votes cast for national parties in regional constituencies such as the North West of England, London or Scotland. There will also be a second ballot paper, on which voters will back pan-European alliances fighting for at least twenty seats - a figure that will probably increase at every election.

"These will have to be alliances of parties from at least seven different nation states. A fairly pure form of Proportional Representation will mean that even electoral minority parties can win seats. That's why the efforts that a small group of us have made to get our Nationalist Alliance established and funded are potentially so important.

"The free peoples of Europe are seeing all our future in the way in which the EUSSR is crushing the life and freedom out of Greece. The impossible dream of the federalists is becoming more of a nightmare every day. It’s great that we’ve been able to take this huge step towards an effective fight back."

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