13% or 29.9%- The Cunning Ploy

Mon, 31/12/2012 - 14:00
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By Andrew Cooper-The British media have made a big deal out of the latest results of the 2011 Census. We have all read how 13% of Britain's population is made up of immigrants
who were born abroad and how the media are pointing the finger of blame at the Labour Party, but is this full picture.

Firstly the media have attempted to do a 'sleight of hand trick', showing their readers the not 'so bad' story of 13% of the British population consisting of immigrants born abroad while slipping the true figures for non British, and in particular non English, living in Britain into their pocket.

What you have to remember is that the figures only represent the population of England and Wales and that the vast majority of immigration is settled into England.

As an Englishman I immediately picked up on the 'born abroad' which was used in every media article so decided to check the Census figures myself in order to attempt to assess the true problem of immigration into England.
The Census asked two questions which were relevant; what do you consider your Nationality to be and what do you consider your Ethnicity to be.

I began my search with the Office for National Statistics releases (both nationality and Ethnicity statistics can be found here);

I first went into the attachment titles as; 2011 Census: KS201EW Ethnic group, local authorities in England and Wales but because the Census had made a single tick box for the Ethnic English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and British there was no way for me to calculate the figures for each individual group.

So I moved on to the Nationality results at: 2011 Census: KS202EW National identity, local authorities in England and Wales, then clicking on the Excel button at the right hand side of the page I brought up the statistics for peoples Nationality.

Now remember this is not the Government's or the media's anti English perception that we are all English because we live in England, it is the perception of the people who have filled in the Census questionnaire.

The statistics showed that the population of England is 53,012,426 and looking at the Excel spreadsheet the Government have helpfully placed tags which give the total numbers of those answers and most importantly for me a tab which gave the percentages of those people.

The important results are as follows;
People who consider themselves as being of English only nationality is 32,007,983 or 60.4%
English and British is 4,820,818 or 9.1% and then came the breakthrough, the story that the media had slipped into their pocket while showing us all the 13% bad news story; the people who consider they have no English identity is 15,834,059 or 29.9%.

That's nearly 30% of England's population who consider that they are not English.

The only bright side I can see is that at least these foreigners agree with the saying 'A dog born in a stable is still a dog'.

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