“Racism” and Nature

Fri, 28/12/2012 - 06:00
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By Dr Phil Edwards-My earlier piece about “a new take on insanity” started by defining “racism” in terms of empirical observations of racial differences and of natural instincts and preferences.

Some say that race doesn’t exist as a biological entity and the media enthusiastically promote this idea, ignoring others.

Recently I queried a remark by anatomist Professor Alice Roberts made on a Radio 4 discussion programme that “race is biologically meaningless”.

She replied to my email with:

“The assertion that race is a biologically meaningless term is scientifically sound.

"To say that race is biologically meaningless is not to claim that there are no biological differences between different populations across the world.

"However, most phenotypic traits [physical attributes like height, weight, skin colour etc brought about by an individual’s genes] vary in a continuous manner, so it is very difficult to say where one population ‘ends’ and the next ‘begins’ - and this will be different for most traits examined.

"This means that drawing circumscribed boundaries around particular populations, on the basis of biological (including genetic) variation, is very difficult. In addition, many people have ancestors from widely separated regions of the world”.

So far so good, but then she went on:

“By saying that race is ‘biologically meaningless’, I am not arguing that the concept does not exist, socially and politically, as it clearly does - as your email evinces.

"However, definitions of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ vary, and include some biological characteristics, mixed up with culture, history, etc.

"Definitions and perceptions of ‘race’ vary in different cultures, and through time.

"This means that ‘race’ will have some biological connection, but that connection will be imprecise and blurry”.

Of course Alice Roberts is correct, people of all races belong to the human race, homo sapiens, but the problem for the multiracialists is that most people see things not through the eyes of a scientist, doctor or geneticist – most don’t even know what genes and DNA actually are – but natural human instincts take over.

Thus, race is an important part of an individual’s identity, different races build different societies, and where more than one race exists together conflict will result.

Denial of such basic truths and the imposition of enforced racial diversity and the efforts of officialdom to impose racial mixing in schools and other aspects of daily life is little more than totalitarian fascism, and must be resisted.

Oona King, a black Jewish activist, former MP and vocal campaigner against the BNP, writing in the Guardian of December 22 about Michael Gove’s determination to ensure "race doesn't matter" when it comes to finding families for children in care, says “We would all agree with Gove in principle that race shouldn't matter...

But for many black and mixed-race children, ethnicity shapes their experience.To imagine it doesn't is to imagine the earth is flat. I've lived that experience and I know it's real”.

She also mentions that numerous black and mixed-race adopted adults have contacted her to say that being adopted into a white family, notwithstanding unconditional parental love, often left them struggling to resolve difficult issues around identity.

In the Observer (December 23rd 2012) the Guardian’s west Africa correspondent Afua Hirsch, based in Ghana, asks why is ethnicity an issue when it comes to dating, adding that “In America they treat people with partners of other races as if they have a disease, 'interracial disorder'.

But in the UK we're more open-minded. Aren't we?”

One American woman told Afua that she had heard “you have a lot of interracial dating” in London, making her realise that “…something I think Londoners take completely for granted is actually quite unusual in most of the world.”

One of her black American friends recently invested several thousand pounds in an expensive matchmaking service in Mayfair, hoping to find a white male date.

The service – which gave her a refund – told her they couldn't help her. No one on their database was willing to date outside their own ethnic group.

Afua says "Most of the men have homes in the country and do rural activities on the weekend…they want to get married and are not interested in being with someone outside their race. And black men don't pay for these kinds of matchmaking services. Without going back into the "Are there black people in the countryside?" debate, I felt scandalised.

Why do only white men pay for overpriced matchmaking services? And why don't they want to date black women? And why does the service even match make on racial grounds in the first place?” concluding that “Ethnicity is a big deal when it comes to dating services…..

A study of Yahoo! Personals profiles revealed only 7% of men on that site were willing to date black women.”

All is not lost, nature will out.

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