“Hate” - Matthew Collins

Tue, 13/08/2013 - 18:00
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We normally ignore people on the far Left, who have nothing positive to say but spend their time attacking people, who are trying to save their country and their way of life from the threat of Cultural Marxism.

Firstly, it’s a well-known political rule that you don’t repeat your opponent’s propaganda. Secondly, if somebody is just shouting or posting abuse online, without presenting an actual argument, with which to engage, then, really... What’s the point in trying to have any form of debate or intelligent discussion with them?

One such individual is Matthew Collins.

Matthew earns a living by trawling the Internet to find something nasty to say about people in the BNP and other non-Socialist groups.

If he can’t find anything, he’s not averse to simply making up a story to justify his keep.

Luckily, there are plenty of gullible people and Left Wing extremists giving him money that he makes more than enough to keep himself in pies.
He also earns money from promotion of his book “Hate” in which he describes how he attacked non-whites, including women and children, simply because of the colour of their skin.

He falsely claims to have been a member of the BNP when he carried out these attacks. The book is endorsed by Jon Cruddas, the MP for Dagenham and Rainham. Cruddas is part of Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet with the role of “Labour Party Policy Coordinator.”

Now apparently a reformed character, Collins is employed by a group associated with the Socialist Workers Party and with various trade unions. They claim to be fighting against fascism and extremism, which is ironic because all they are doing is thwarting the democratic process with their own Left Wing brand of extremist fascism.

We have seen this exposed recently in the Falkirk area with the trade union Unite under investigation by the police because of suspected fraud in the Labour Party candidate selection process.
Nobody on our side of the political divide attempts to deprive people of their employment, friends or civil rights because of their views.

But in a number of direct breaches of the Human Rights Act, which they applaud for its constant use to protect foreign criminals and violent Marxist activists, Collins and his parasite colleagues have attempted to persecute BNP members for their political views, despite these being protected under the same Article 14, which protects against discrimination on grounds of gender, race, colour, religion etc.

Normally, Collins’ stories are not worthy of mention. At worst, they demonstrate just how hypocritical some on the Left can be. At best, they provide amusement when he claims to have “inside information” and gets a story completely backwards.

Every now and then, we even feed him some outrageous fib to see if he’ll post it. Then we have a chuckle and get back to the more serious side of politics.
But Collins’ latest article has come to our attention.

Not because it’s full of factual inaccuracies and outright lies – we’re used to that. But because he is making a very poor taste joke about one of our staunchest patriots and a truly admirable member of the community.

Lady Dorothy Brooke has worked her whole life in nursing and is well-known locally for her voluntary work with homeless people.
There is nothing at all that Collins can find, with which to smear Dorothy’s good name.

And it would be too obvious a lie if he simply made something up. So instead, he has sunk to ridiculing her for the skin cancer, with which she has suffered.

In the BNP article from 21st May 2013


Chris Thornton from the North East discusses Dorothy Brooke’s performance in an election:
“Mr Kelly started a nasty campaign on Twitter mocking her make-up. Dorothy loved the sun and used sun-beds but got skin cancer. 
Like thousands of woman she uses false tan make-up.”

On the HNH blog from 2nd Aug 2013 http://w*w*w.hopenothate.org.uk/blog/article/2931/the-bnp-how-to-be-a-nationalist 

(If you want to read the story, copy and paste the link and take out **)

Matthew Collins says of Dorothy Brooke:
“The latest iussue [sic] of Voice of Freedom also has a Dorothy Brookes [sic] under the spotlight. So, lesson six: Always slip, slop, slap.”

The phrase “slip, slop, slap” is posted as a link to a YouTube video of the same name from 2009, which is a warning about the dangers of skin cancer.

So if you’re reading this and you are a member of Unison, the GMB or the NUT or if you buy the Daily Mirror, or if you are obliged to pay Council Tax to a Labour-majority local authority, which gives public money to the Left-wing extremists at Hope Not Hate, or if you in any way contribute to the earnings of Hope Not Hate patrons Eddie Izzard, Beverley Knight, Meera Syal, Fiona Phillips, Simon Rimmer, Levi Roots, Billy Bragg, Speech Debelle or Glenys Kinnock then you are financially supporting a group, which deliberately and publicly mocks an old-age pensioner with a history of battling against skin cancer.
Matthew Collins - you are a twisted and sick disgrace to the human race.

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