“Can you speak English, please?”

Thu, 03/01/2013 - 18:00
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Our North West Regional Organiser, Mike Whitby, was arrested after a discussion with an African Traffic Warden, in England, who was angrily mumbling at him in a mixture of an obscure language mixed with English.

Mike couldn’t hear him properly or understand the language and asked; “What language is that? Where are you from, Nigeria?”

A few minutes later, when this African man was ranting and raving, and now shouting very aggressively at Mike, in the same obscure language mixed with English, Mike said; “Can you speak English, please?”

We would ask the reader to decide; which of these two people acted politely and which one acted in an angry and aggressive manner.

The police deemed that Mike’s comments were “Racist”.

He was charged and is being prosecuted, under the (corrupt) Race Relations Act. He is due to appear in the Birkenhead Magistrates Court on the 21st of January, at 2pm.

It would appear that, in 21st century England, if a uniformed public official is non-white (and is ranting in an obscure language) that native English people are NOT allowed to ask what this person is saying, and we are NOT allowed to request that they speak in the NATIVE LANGUAGE of ENGLAND!

What a ridiculous situation this is.

It seems like so-called ‘Racist’ words are now more important than the mis-treatment and, in some cases, the unlawful killing of our own native English people - as these cases are often ignored.

What IS Racism and where did it come from? 

Where did this all come from?

Has Britain just developed into this strange place, where words and presumably thoughts, are evidently more important and harmful, to some people, than violence?

Or has this come about through social engineering?
A modicum of research will show quite clearly, that these horrendous changes to our once decent society, have been perpetrated upon us by stealth, in order to make us do exactly what the Marxist totalitarian establishment wants us to do.

Why do I say they are ‘Marxists’ and what is the connection?
If you consider all of the disgraceful and disgusting things that now take place on a regular basis here in good old ‘Blighty’, you will recognise an enormous amount of Marxist/Communist influence and this is no accident.

Frankfurt School indoctrination

The ‘Frankfurt School’, which is a Communist Think Tank, was created in 1924 and its plan was to indoctrinate and destroy Western societies.

The list of actions (shown below) was given to all of its 5th Columnist spies, to implement in Britain and the rest of Europe and they have stealthily done this ever since, by infiltrating every one of our institutions.

The number one item on the list is; The Creation of Racialism Offences. They see this as the catch-all clause for all of their devious ploys.

Their rationale being; “If people are afraid of being regarded as social pariahs, they will not challenge anything that happens” and this has worked.

Yet, back in 1924 most people didn’t have a clue what ‘Racialism’ was. If you look in any pre-1930’s dictionary, you will NOT find this word listed.

Why is that? The reason is that this word never existed, until it was invented by the Mass Murderer, Leon Trotsky (aka Leonard Braunstein).

This evil wretch invented this word purely as a weapon to denigrate his political opponents and to keep them quiet. Does this sound familiar?

And, now that Britain has been subdued by Communists, masquerading as innocents, under the erroneous guise of “do-gooders” (this word is FAR too polite for those b…..ds!), we are trapped in this web of deceit which controls our every movement. Once people had become scared of being branded as “one of those evil racists” they lost the courage to speak out about so-called ‘racism’ and all the other appalling things that the Communists are imposing upon the British people.

Every one of these things is shown in the Frankfurt School’s eleven point list.

Frankfurt School indoctrination list; every one of these eleven points has been implemented in Britain;

Read carefully and see if any of these things look familiar, almost 90 years later...

1. The creation of ‘Racialism’ offences - to break down Nationalist ideals.

2. Continual change - to create confusion and destroy morale.

3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children – to break up families and destroy moral values.

4. The undermining of schools and teachers’ authority – to encourage unrest within youngsters.

5. Huge immigration - to destroy national identity and the destruction of national borders.

6. The promotion of excessive drinking – to induce a helpless, alcoholic nation that can easily be controlled.

7. Emptying the churches – to remove all belief systems that challenge the state’s authority.

8. An unreliable legal system, with bias against the victim of crime – to instil anger and resentment.

9. Dependency on the state (or state benefits) – for total control of the masses.

10. Control and dumbing-down of the media – only propagandist news would be allowed.

11. Encourage the breakdown of families – as the family and its roots are the links to a nation.

The above list of destructive Frankfurt School ideals is known as ‘Cultural Marxism’ and it is destroying our culture, our society and our country, as we are no longer the happy race of friendly folk, that would go out of their way to help anyone in need.

Fear has changed us to become like frightened animals, afraid of being put on the spot by a 5th Columnist accuser, and God knows, there are lots of them about!

Controlled like Robots

The people who accept this indoctrination are like robots who automatically accept the control mechanisms which have been inflicted upon them.

And, those of us that do NOT accept the evil indoctrination that forces sex education onto 4 year old children and forces 7 year old boys and girls to place condoms onto a classroom phallic; and those of us that continue to go to church and will not work on Sundays; or demand a job; or object to the rape and molestation of our kids, by perverted interlopers; or want our children to be cared for, preferably by their own mother; or object to the mass immigration which is being inflicted upon our people; or object to the disgusting paedophiles within government, protected by their propaganda machine, the BBC; or object to the blatant lies from politicians, who claim that we must suffer great hardships, because we owe £billions to banksters, when the reality is that we do NOT owe a penny to the banksters.

And, the government can print as much money as it requires, to cater for all of our country’s needs – without going into debt! Will YOU allow the above to continue?

A question for parents:

Why do little GIRLS need to learn how to affix a condom?

School Sex Education lessons require that girls, from a very early age, must learn how to affix a condom. Parents never seem to ask WHY, but it’s a very valid question.

No matter how old they are, school girls never need this ‘teaching’, as condoms are not the responsibility of girls. In my view, if anyone suggests that little girls need this information, then they are nothing less than a raving paedophile – a child molesting pervert!

WHY are 4, 5 and 6 year old British school children being exposed to books, which were inspired by the infamous paedophile pervert, Dr Alfred Kinsey? The answer is; Cultural Marxism.

So why do parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles put up with this evil Education Curriculum, which has all the hallmarks of the demonic Frankfurt School?!

Mostly because they don’t know it’s happening, as they don’t pay enough attention to what their children are being exposed to. Also, their child is highly unlikely to discuss such issues with their parents.

So the paedophilic education system keeps on rolling and destroying the hearts and minds of our future bloodline.
What can parents do?

Parents can take responsibility for their child’s education. They can visit the school and attend the classroom during sex education lessons, which start at the age of 4.

Parents can decide whether these practices are suitable for their child, regardless of the age of their child.

Parents can, either alone, or part of a group, demand that the school teachers do not discuss such issues in the presence of their child – Muslims do this.

Remember to put this in writing and get a written reply. Parents should question everything and encourage their children to do the same.

Anyone can write to the schools in their area and get a copy of the school curriculum with regard to sex education. You don’t have to have a child in that school, as it is all a matter of public information.

Why should you believe the British National Party?

You should NEVER take anyone’s word for it; you should find out for yourself. Whether you are one of those brainwashed people that STILL believe the lies that the media says about the BNP, or you are a loyal BNP supporter, you should still do your own research.

Our children’s lives, our whole culture and the future of countless generations of Britons depend upon the actions that YOU take.

If you do nothing, you dishonour the heroes of our forefathers, who sacrificed everything to give us a future.

Don’t wait for someone to ALLOW you to speak out against injustices; just do it!

You could start by researching the above facts and a good place to start is;

http://labour25.com/ ;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=bpu_6J7soaI ;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P--EIek-2OY ;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUSmc5Tiuto ;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4fdLQzFnN8 ;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwDWVSfpAJU ;

Remember; the British National Party is the only political party in Britain that tells you of these truths. This is the real reason why our party is demonised by the media and the corrupt banksters’ puppets in the main political parties.

Fellow British Patriots should join us and stand up to the evil that is destroying Britain, because it is NOT happening by accident.

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