‘QUESTION TIME: for patriots’

Sat, 06/10/2012 - 11:00
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By Mike Whitby-Last Wednesday, we held our first ‘QUESTION TIME: For Patriots’ episode. It was held at the Cricketers, in Liverpool. I was very proud to be amongst REAL British patriots and it was a pleasure to hold the first of these events in the city where I was born.

We look forward to seeing more of these in the future.
Liverpool always was and always will be in Lancashire. I was born in Liverpool, Lancashire.

And, the term ‘Merseyside’ was a Marxist EU construct, designed to begin the destruction of England and our great heritage.
It was very appropriate for us to stage our first episode at the Cricketers, as the owner, Brian Washington invited us to hold our Question Time event at their premises, free of charge, to help promote free speech.

Our QT programme ran along similar lines to the BBC’s Question Time, but with a few major differences - the panellists were British patriots, instead of the muli-culti luvvies and pervs that the BBC promotes; the audience were British patriots, with forthright views of how our country should be run; people asked the REAL questions that the British public are deeply concerned about; and the panel gave honest, straightforward truthful answers, that would never be allowed on the BBC.

The LAST thing you get from the Blatantly Biased & Corrupt BBC is the TRUTH!

You may recall the infamous BBC Question Time event, when Nick Griffin was subjected to an appalling ambush, by the host, David Dimbleby, the panelists; Jack Straw, Chris Huhne, Sayeeda Warsi and Bonnie Greer, and a carefully chosen audience, which was a multi-culti rabble.

They even re-arranged the venue from Llandudno, to London, to ensure that the audience would be coffee coloured Marxists.
That particular BBC Question Time edition was watched by over 8 million people, over half the total audience share, and over double the previous record high for Question Time.

Why do you suppose that was? - Because Mr Nicholas John Griffin was appearing.
On this occasion, we decided to give Messrs Straw, Huhne, Warsi and Greer the opportunity to answer some REAL questions, from a patriotic audience that cares about the British people and our country.

All of the above were invited to appear on our first episode of Question Time; For Patriots’, but (surprise, surprise) they all declined. Straw, Huhne and Warsi replied but declined to attend, and Greer didn’t even bother to reply to two letters and an email. I wonder where she learned her manners.

I’ll leave you to decide!
Just to remind those people who are not aware of the outrageous lies and propaganda that is poured from the BBC on a daily basis; they have their weekly editions of Question Time, Any Questions, the Big Questions and Sunday Morning Live. Also, every weekday, all of the regional and national BBC radio stations run ‘thought-control’ discussion programmes, that are designed to give a voice to the few that agree with the Blatantly Biased Corporation, and only on rare occasions do they allow an opposing point of view.

When they do allow an opponent to express the populist view, the BBC crew demonise them, so that the listener will get the message that; “YOU can only think and say, what the BBC tells you and nothing else”!

Thank God for the British National Party and BNPTV. Because if the BNP didn’t exist, we would probably never get a chance to hear the truth of how the House of Crooks has destroyed our once great country.

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