Israel to ‘Protect its Jewish nature’ by Building Concentration Camp for 10,000 African “Infiltrators”

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Will the rabidly anti-British National Party newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle, condemn Israel for announcing plans to build a concentration camp to hold 10,000 black African “infiltrators” who “threaten the nature of the Jewish state,” the party has asked in a letter to that newspaper.

“The Jewish Chronicle has run story after story attacking and smearing the BNP, calling this party all sorts of names and endlessly objecting to any plan to keep Britain British,” the letter continued.

“Yet that same newspaper has been deathly silent on the recent announcement by the Israeli government that it has approved plans to build what is in effect a concentration camp to house 10,000 black African ‘asylum seekers,’ a group which the Jewish government has quite correctly described as ‘infiltrators,’” it said.

The camp, which will be built near Israel’s border with Egypt, has become necessary after increasing numbers of utterly bogus asylum seekers from Africa have opted to try and invade Israel instead of attempting to cross the Mediterranean to infiltrate Europe.

A statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said that at least 1,200 Africans were attempting to enter Israel every month.

Eyal Gabai, the director-general of Mr Netanyahu's office, said that the camp was necessary as “coming up with an asylum and immigration policy may mean having to absorb tens of thousands of non-Jewish refugees, threatening the character of the Jewish state.”

Mr Netanyahu told his cabinet that the camp was part of his plan to “stop the wave of illegal immigrants into the state.

"There is a swelling wave threatening Israeli jobs, a wave of illegal migrants that we must stop because of the harsh implications for Israel's character," the Israeli prime minister told his cabinet.

Israeli interior minister Eli Yishai was also quoted as saying that “if action was not taken, the tens of thousands of immigrants would eventually reach a million and threaten Israel’s Jewish majority.”

The Jewish Chronicle appears to have no comment to make on this policy — which is way beyond anything the British National Party has ever proposed doing — but has recently started a smear campaign against the BNP MEPs over their staffing expenses.

Why is the Jewish Chronicle so mindlessly hypocritical?

Why does the Jewish Chronicle actively support policies which endorse Israel’s right to be Jewish (and by that paper’s silence, tacitly endorse the creation of concentration camps for black Africans) yet continually attack the BNP for wanting to keep Britain British?

It is time for the editorial team at the Jewish Chronicle to take a good look at themselves before the public sees for themselves who the true haters and hypocrites are.

* The BNP supports the right of Israel to be Jewish. This ethno-nationalist concept is at the heart of the party’s desire to keep Britain British.

The BNP also supports the rights of the Palestinians to their own state, and argues that a two-state solution is the only obvious, fair and reasonable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

See also our earlier article: “Will The Jewish Chronicle Condemn Israel for Having Immigration Policies Which Are Far Stricter than BNP Policy?”


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