Importing HIV: NHS Figures Confirm that 81% of Aids Cases in Northwest Result from African Immigration

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National Health figures obtained by the British National Party’s Salford organiser have confirmed that a shocking 81 percent of Aids cases in the Northwest of England result from African immigration into the region.

The figures, revealed to the BNP’s Gary Tumulty under a Freedom of Information Act request, also show that a substantial number of Britons infected with the disease acquired it through sexual contact in sub-Saharan Africa while on holiday or business there.

In August this year, Mr Tumulty asked of the NHS “How many have AIDS & HIV in Salford and what nationality ethnic group do they belong to?”

The response provided by the NHS, which came with the unusual request that the information not be used on any website or publication “for which a charge is made,” was as follows:

“6,238 people were diagnosed and using HIV services in Northwest England at the end of 2009. The Health Protection Agency estimates that around one third more people are undiagnosed. That means the total in the NW of England living with HIV is actually around 8,300,” the answer read.

“Manchester alone has 29 percent of all the people known to have HIV in Northwest England, and almost half the people with HIV in the Northwest region live in Greater Manchester.

“Within Greater Manchester, the greatest numbers of people with HIV are living in Manchester (1790) and Salford (542), with Bolton (260) and Trafford (198) following.”

According to the figures provided, some 51 percent of people known to have HIV in the region were infected as a result of sex between men and 37 percent of people known to have HIV in NW England were infected abroad, up from 19 percent in 1998.

“Most are migrants from Africa but a significant number are British who were infected abroad, while working or on holiday,” the NHS answer continued.

“The majority (81 percent) of people infected abroad became HIV positive through heterosexual sex, overwhelmingly in sub-Saharan Africa, where the global epidemic is most concentrated.

“However, gay men are at a greater risk of being infected with HIV. This is reflected in Salford figures with gay men accounting for over 70 percent of HIV cases in 2007.”

According to a May 2006 estimate in issue 156 of the magazine AIDS Treatment Update, the cost of treating someone with HIV in the UK is estimated at around £16,000 per year. That figure is of course now out of date, but even so, it means that the northwest of England NHS carries a debt of at least £107 million just because of Aids-bearing immigration each year.

It is worth bearing in mind that this figure is only for the Northwest of England. The figure is likely to be far higher in the Southeast, where most of the African invasion force is concentrated, and the total cost to the taxpayer of treating Africa’s imported HIV epidemic is likely to be in the thousands of millions of pounds.

The mass immigration policies followed by decades of Labour and Tory regimes have literally caused the importation of incurable and deadly disease into Britain.

This insanity has to stop, and only the BNP had the political will to bring it to an end.

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