EU ReferendumNOW! Why the petition is so important

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People need to see just how much popular sympathy there is for us and our message of hope.

"It's a great way to bring in new blood and to re-enthuse 'old hands'. People need to see just how much popular sympathy there is for us and our message of hope. Manning a petition stall ticks all the boxes. 

"I signed up five new members in just a couple of hours in the centre of Pontefract, and the same in Ossett. All you need is a smile and a bit of cheek. Just ask everyone one who signs the petition, and you'll get a lot more out of a few of them!"

That's Danny Cooke's take on the value of Nick Griffin's ReferendumNOW! petition. Danny has recently been appointed Deputy Yorkshire Regional Organiser and is hard at work using the anti-EU petition and leaflets to broaden our base in various towns in West and South Yorkshire.

"A handful of people have asked why we're bothering with a petition for a referendum on EU membership when we all know that Cameron's answer will be 'no'," Nick Griffin tells our News Team. 

First step towards getting involved

"The reason, of course, is that we run petitions not so much in the hope of forcing the political elite to change direction, but in order to help ordinary voters understand that our Masters don't give a damn about what they think. That's the first step towards involving them in the struggle against EU rule and for a return to British freedom.

"More important still, by getting them to sign in our box, we not only get their contact details, we also get them on a sort of moral conveyor-belt, moving them towards greater sympathy for and involvement in the campaign," says the MEP, who is funding his campaign from his annual parliamentary Communications Budget. 

"We simply have to keep them informed of the progress of our campaign and invite them to local social and activity events about it and a good number of them will come on board with the campaign."

"As well as collecting signatures on High Street stalls, a growing number of activists are now getting busy taking the petition door-to-door. I've tested this method," says Adam Walker, "and find that about half of people sign straight away, while most of the rest say they'll read the leaflet and decide whether to send it in later."

Huge opportunity

"The Euro crisis is gathering pace every day," says Nick Griffin, as he urges everyone to get involved in his referendum petition drive. "Many economic analysts are now openly saying that the coming crash will be even worse than the 1929 disaster that sparked the 1930s Slump. 

"The whole rotten international banking system that is at the centre of the globalisation rip-off is teetering on the abyss, and the Europhiles' crazy single currency scheme is going to get the blame. 

"That's why this campaign will work so well. It's just a matter of getting out on the streets with it and meeting the people. Good luck and thanks to everyone taking part."

Note: You can sign Nick's online petition HERE.

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