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A range of important issues were discussed in the latest British National Party Television programme from the EU Parliament, including the E. coli outbreak, the abandonment of nuclear power, the plight of the UK haulage industry, the Schengen Agreement and food price increases. 

Speaking about the E. coli disaster, Mr Griffin said that it is not just a problem for Continental countries, as British taxpayers will be a leading contributor to an EU aid package that so far is estimated to cost £178 million.

He also revealed that most other MEPs have, unsurprisingly, cynically used the outbreak as a means to strengthen the EU’s power of regulation on such matters.

‘As we’ve talked about time and time again, they seize a real crisis and use it as an excuse to increase the powers of this place. Europhilia is a disease, just like E. coli, and it spreads; it’s spreading very rapidly,’ said Mr Griffin.

The North West MEP also criticized Germany and Switzerland’s knee-jerk decision to get rid of nuclear power, which he identified as part of the ongoing ‘full-scale de-industrialization of the West’.

‘For the Germans and the Swiss to give way to this hysteria about carbon and get rid of this most dense and effective form of energy they’ve got at a time when oil is starting to run out is absolute insanity,’ he said.

As with the effects of the E. coli issue, Mr Griffin pointed out that the abandonment of nuclear power in other European countries will also affect the energy bills of British consumers and put costs through the roof.

On the subject of food price increases, Mr Griffin said that, as all the fuel sold in the EU now has to have a ten per cent addition of biofuels, 40 per cent of agricultural land in the United States is now being used to grow biofuel crops, mainly maize, rather than food.

That, he said, is putting poor people around the world, including those in deprived areas of Britain, in direct competition with wealthy car drivers for resources.

‘It’s not primarily drought that’s pushing food prices up; it’s the competition from the biofuels,’ said Mr Griffin.

‘If anyone voted Labour, or Tory or Liberal Democrat at the last general election, they voted for more of that nonsense. They voted for the political elite to put their food prices up. It’s as simple as that.’

Click the image below to watch the programme on British National Party TV. Mr Griffin’s recent speech in the EU Parliament on the subject of the E. coli outbreak can also be seen below.

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