All Rapes in Oslo Committed by Immigrants

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All rapes in Oslo are committed by immigrants of a ‘non-Western background’, an Oslo Police report has found. 

The report is the latest in a series of similar investigations that have shown that Third World immigrants, most if not all of them Muslims, are responsible for the vast majority of sexual assaults and rapes in the country.

The Oslo Police report, ironically titled ‘Rape in the Global City’, revealed that all perpetrators of rape or attempted rape in Oslo over the last five years were identified as being ‘non-Western’ by their victims.

In total, there were 86 reported sexual assaults or rapes in Oslo in the last five years. In 83 of the 86 cases, the perpetrator was described as ‘non-Western’, and, in those cases involving rape, all the perpetrators were ‘non-Western’.

According to the report, ‘almost all’ of the victims of the rapes are ethnic Norwegians.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK interviewed one of the victims, who had been raped by a Pakistani man. Speaking anonymously, she told the reporter: ‘He said that he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman … because that is how it is in his religion. Women do not have rights or opinions. He said he was in charge.’

The problem is not just confined to the Norwegian capital, however, but is replicated all across Scandinavia where there is a high proportion of immigrants.

A 2009 police report from Rogaland, a south-western county of Norway, found that 17 out of the 18 men who committed sexual assaults and rapes in the city of were of non-Western appearance.

In Malmö, Sweden, the number of rapes has tripled in the last twenty years, in proportion to the city’s growing Muslim population, which now stands at 25 per cent and is predicted to make Malmö a Muslim-majority city within the next decade.

The reaction from much of the Norwegian media has been predictably politically correct.

Rather than daring to mention Islam outright, newspapers instead often refer to perpetrators who have an ‘old-fashioned view on women’ and ‘little openness about sexuality’ and men who come from ‘rural areas where dated views about women prevail’.

There is also a worrying trend among some analysts to refer to the rise in rapes as simply a ‘change in sexual culture’.

Oslo has the highest immigration levels in Norway, with an estimated 28 per cent (approximately 170,000 inhabitants) of its residents from an immigrant or non-Norwegian background. That figure is predicted to increase to between 44 per cent and 51 per cent by around 2030. In 2008, the immigrant population accounted for about 82 per cent of the population growth of the city.

Oslo’s largest non-Western immigrant groups are Pakistanis and Somalis. Pakistanis are the largest visible minority group in Norway, and most of their 35,000 members live in and around Oslo.

Islam is the second most practised religion in the country, with 163,000 adherents.

From 1970 to 2007, the entire ethnic Norwegian population decreased by 10.1 per cent, while the immigrant population increased by 823.6 per cent.

By June 2009, more than 40 per cent of Oslo’s schools had a majority of people of immigrant backgrounds, with some schools having up to a 97 per cent immigrant share.

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