Adam Walker Appointed New National Organiser

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North East dynamo and well-known activist Adam Walker has been appointed as the British National Party’s national organiser with immediate effect, an organisational party circular has announced.

Adam WalkerAdam WalkerMr Walker takes over from former national organiser Clive Jefferson, who is to concentrate on his other tasks within the party focussed around the elections office.

“It is an honour to be appointed to this office,” Mr Walker said.  “I intend to give it my full effort, and look forward to working with all local organisers up and down the country to push the British National Party forward.”

Mr Walker, who used to be a teacher in the North East until he was victimised and persecuted for his political affiliations, is a seasoned campaigner and has consistently achieved some of the highest votes in both local and national elections in the North East.

He will now be bringing those strengths and skills to the new office where they will enable him to bring a fresh insight into the organisation, logistics and running of the party’s groups and branches.

“The year ahead is filled with promise for the British National Party,” Mr Walker said.

“We are living in exciting times and it is up to us to seize the opportunities and work together to save this great land of ours.

“Our members will take to the streets to register their protest and we will let the establishment know that we are not going to be pushed around any longer,” he said.

* Barnsley organiser Ian Sutton has announced a day of action in Barnsley to launch the party’s by-election campaign in the constituency. A launch meeting will be held at which the candidate will be introduced.

The day of action will take place this Saturday, 29th January. Any activists wishing to help out are invited to call 07713 411198.

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