Tunisia responds to Islamic terrorism by immediately closing 80 mosques.

Our Education Secretary’s response is to take the *brave* step of ordering surveillance on 13 year olds who call their mates gay.

David Cameron is at it again. Following the murders of mainly British holidaymakers in Tunisia he talked about the killings ‘perverting' and ‘twisting’ a ‘great religion’.
261,159 Austrians have signed a petition demanding a referendum on whether Austria should leave the EU.
It's not a few drug crazy terrorists which threaten England. It's the Muslim demographic bomb.
A change of tact was decided tonight (Wednesday 1st July) in Bristol when Officials got together for a brainstorming session.
Taxi drivers went on strike July 1st to demand further talks with the council over licensing policy changes.
When the “Arab Spring” first started, it was obvious that the only way the UK and the rest of Europe should be involved would be to send our navies to stop the resulting flood of asylum seekers coming to Europe.
Big problems are brewing in French prisons as the number of Muslim radicals and extremists start to fill them up with their rising numbers.

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