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Wed, 28/11/2012 - 20:00
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Decorated War Hero, Algerian Criminal or Bangladeshi Murderer! • Petition Due to a tragic series of events, Sergeant Danny Nightingale, a soldier and medic with 17 years’ service, was convicted earlier this month of illegally possessing a pistol that he didn’t know he had. Danny’s wife stresses that they need as many signatures as possible by tomorrow, “ to show the court that the public don’t want Danny in jail” • An Algerian-born career criminal suspected of a ‘marriage of convenience’ to a British citizen has been deported from Spain to the UK. …and There’s Nothing We Can Do About it!’ • A man convicted of murder in Bangladesh is teaching at a secondary school in east London after checks into his criminal history failed.
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1. Go-Ahead for Mosque in Nottingham in Face of Congestion Fears
2. Aged just 11 a Romanian sex offender is punished – guess how?
3. Minister Dismisses ‘Halal Homes’ Fears in the Netherlands
4. Sweden: Brother on Trial for Stabbing Sister to Death in Honour Killing
5. Swedish Nationalists correct over anti-white racism
6. Protester Killed in Egypt
7. Thought for the Day – Are we suffering from Muslim extremism?
8. And finally – a very old Tortoise and an even balder guy!
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