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Thu, 10/01/2013 - 10:00
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Solidarity has a new National Executive following recent elections.

Those elected were: Glen Nicklasson, David Kerr (President), Clive Jefferson, Michelle Harrington, Patrick Harrington (General Secretary), Sid Retnasingham and Graham Williamson.

Since the election in October one member, Sid Retnasingham, has resigned. The Union will co-opt a replacement at a later date.
Some of the successful candidates explained what Solidarity meant to them and why they were proud to serve on the Executive of the Union:

Glen Nicklasson says: "I have been a member of Solidarity since 2007. I joined our Union, as I saw first hand how ineffective mainstream Trade Unions are on the shop floor.

Many Trade Union Reps are in the pockets of management which leads to ineffective representation for Working People. I passionately believe in a Community based Trade Union, open to all sections of society. I'm also passionate about free speech and civil liberties."

"I was appointed Regional Organiser for Solidarity in 2010 and have also represented Union members at disciplinary hearings at their place of work. I currently work in the Care industry. I have work experience in the Manufacturing, Catering and Courier industries, so have real insight into our low wage economy. I will use my position as an Executive member of a Trade Union to push for a realistic National Minimum Wage of £10 an hour."

David Kerr,(pictured right), our new Union President says: “I have been a political, community and trade union activist for over thirty-five years. Starting as a member of the old ITGWU in the late 1970s. I am a staff health and safety representative at my workplace."

"Over the past twenty-five years I participated in several community development projects to bring new social housing and employment opportunities for needy people."

"I write for a local newspaper and contribute to the Solidarity website, CounterCulture magazine and other publications."
"As an Executive Committee member I successfully defended the union at the Certification Office from malicious and vexatious attacks. I also represented members in disciplinary hearings and an industrial tribunal."

"As President, I intend to build on the excellent foundations laid by Adam Walker, who stands down this year. Solidarity the Union will fight tenaciously to defend the hard-won rights of British workers from ConDem coalition attacks. Together we are strong."

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of the Union commented: "We have a great new Executive. I would also like to thank those who served on the previous Exec for all their hard work and dedication over the last five years."

Although the BNP was heavily involved in founding Solidarity and remains committed to it, the union - while firmly nationalist in outlook and policies - is completely independent of political affiliation.

As with any good union, its primary aim is the protection of the rights and interests of its members, both individually and collectively.

Union membership is very much an insurance policy. With car insurance, no-one can expect to have an accident and then go to the company, pay the first month’s premium and then expect the company to pay out to repair the car.

The same is true of Solidarity: There’s no point thinking it’s a good idea but failing to join until you hit trouble at work; if everybody did that then the union would lack the basic funds needed to function and to continue to provide representation.

So please don’t wait until you need help, because if you do you will be disappointed!

Whatever the problem that arises, to enjoy the protection of Solidarity membership, you must already be a member of Solidarity. Membership is just £8 per month - much less than most old trade unions for a much better standard of care and support.

So don’t delay, join today!

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