Death to seals for eating fish?

Thu, 27/12/2012 - 21:00
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Dear friend,
Slaughtered seals will soon be added to the long list of the victims of Europe Union (EU) folly in Brussels.

The stupidity of the EU Common Fisheries Policy and reckless over-fishing by foreign factory ships has caused a catastrophic collapse of fish stocks in the North Sea, so the Eurocrats have now voted to slaughter seals and seabirds for the ‘crime’ of eating fish.

EU rules force fishermen to throw 1million tonnes of dead fish back into the North Sea every year.

But although this problem has been created by the EU, their answer is to slaughter these innocent animals rather than reverse their disastrous fisheries policy.

Save Our Seals

Well aware that this cruel policy would provoke a huge outcry, the Eurocrats have tried to slip this legislation in through the back door.

But Nick Griffin MEP's research team is always on the ball and spotted the horrendous plans.

Right away Nick honoured his promise to his constituents in North West England and blew the whistle on the Eurocrats.

"I couldn’t believe the EU seal slaughter plan when I first saw it – it’s so unjust, unscientific and un-British!" exclaimed Nick Griffin MEP.

"So I’m doing something about it and I’m calling on you to help Save Our Seals"

Animal welfare is an issue close to the heart of the British National Party, and we will not sit back while innocent seals and seabirds are slaughtered to atone for Eurocrat stupidity.

With the main animal charities dragging their feet on this issue, it's up to us to put a stop to the slaughter.

There are several steps you can take right now to demand the Eurocrats reverse their policy:

Email MEPs

You can email directly the shameful Conservative and Labour Party MEPs that support the plans at

Write to your local newspaper

Notify animal charities

Contact your favoured animal charity and urge them to take action

Sign Nick's online petition here now

Spread the word!

It's vital that we warn other people of the threat to our seals and seabirds.

If we all work together, we can reach millions of people through Facebook who will all agree that seals and seabirds have the right to life and freedom, and must be saved.

By clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom this email, you can share this message with all your friends.

While you do that, be sure to join the debate on the BNP Facebook page here.

The BNP publicity team is assisting you in spreading the word online and putting the finishing touches to leaflets for street campaigns, but we need your help to print the numbers that will prove effective.

Give generously now to help us Save Our Seals and teach the Eurocrats a lesson.

Donate online here or call 0844 809 4581 now to talk to one of our team.


Charlie Wythe

BNP Head of Publicity


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