National News

By Jason Fleming

This invasion is the direct result of bleeding heart liberals distributing largess to those that force their way into Europe, and ultimately Britain.

By Michael Brookes

The EU wants new money to fight “cross-border” terrorists while allowing the mass invasion of “migrants” across an EU which has no apparent national borders?

The BNP has been making headlines all over Essex following the stunning election victory of Tina Gentry.

By Matthew Hughes

Amazing isn’t it, these immigrants have far more in disposable money to spend on trafficking themselves to the UK than the British people themselves but then again, a ticket into the UK is like winning the lottery!

By Simon McKeown

The political class have not acted in the best interests of Britain for years, but rather a haughty conceited liberal-left intellectualism – free benefits and healthcare to everyone in the world – come and get it.

By David Furness

The map below shows an area in Nottingham, England called Hyson Green. The green rectangles show the mosques in the area; the photos show where I used to live.

By Stuart Entwistle

We are being invaded. And for the first time in our history, the Royal Navy is aiding and abetting the invasion via Southern Europe.

By Michael Brookes

The markets are falling in the UK because everyone has finally realised that all markets are rigged, all currency is of doubtful value and liable to manipulation by central bankers around the world, and politicians are more interested in pursuing their own ideals no matter the harm or damage caused to the individual.

For a Leftist, the more he despises and hates his or hers own civilisation and race, the more modern and culturally and intellectually superior they feel.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the experiment to infiltrate the Labour Party and prove how utterly corrupt their systems are to elect their leader.


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