By David Saunders

Bexley BNP were delighted to welcome back guest speaker Nigel Christopher to our recent September branch meeting.

Nigel last addressed the Bexley branch back in September 2013 when he gave members an insight into his knowledge on the Koran.

A Conduct Committee established by new Party Chairman, Adam Walker took the step in a letter to Mr Griffin today
Our new BNP recruitment leaflets are proving a huge hit with both BNP activists and the general public alike!
There are a lot of beheadings in the news all of a sudden. Not in the Middle East necessarily, mind you, but in the West.
This is one of the most pathetic ‘don’t offend the Muslims’ arguments that we have ever come across, one that even some Muslim organisations are perplexed with.
Here comes a piece of proposed legislation that whilst ending platforms for Islamic hate preachers and dangerous individuals may end up easily banning those who speak out concerning the rise of Islam
Strange that the Sunday Mirror prioritises the time and resources towards an entrapment sting on a handful of Tory MPs.

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