By Northernscot

A Romanian immigrant who decided to go on a £600 shoplifting spree in Nelson, Lancashire whilst wearing a suit later claimed he was in the area to look for work as a shepherd.

The British National Party has welcomed the defection of former Ukip candidate Jack Sen.
Not an uninteresting item contained in yesterday's Liverpool Echo especially since they don't appear to have doctored the corresponding comments - yet.
As another gang of Muslim paedophiles is eventually processed by the British legal system this week, spare a thought for those poor Muslims.
With the General Election now behind them, activists from London (East) BNP wasted no time and were back on the streets again.
A look at the BNP policy on the subject of Business.
Just under two weeks have passed since the General Election and the Romford Recorder continues with its smears and lies against the BNP.
Councillor Richard Perry stood for re-election in the tiny Parish of Langford which forms part of the Witham constituency which is one of the safest Conservative seats in the Country currently held by a huge majority by MP Pritti Patel.

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