Essex County Council has been outed for discriminating against young people of white British ethnicity.

The council was exposed for operating an apprenticeship scheme which states that any employer who chooses a non-white non-British over a white British apprentice will be rewarded with a subsidy and a grant of £2,500. 

Stunning success for BNP legend Marlene Guest as Labour ‘Pakistani rape gang’ police chief resigns
The problem we currently have is that a government, once elected, can do whatever they please with no consequence.
Ritzy workers have won a 12 per cent pay rise this year after a long dispute.
With atrocities committed against our people in Rotherham and now Iraq it might not be a bad idea at this point to try to understand what is going on here in the wider scheme of things.
Action taken by the BNP has forced the resignation of Rotherham Labour police chief Shaun Wright!
The Croydon and Sutton branch of the British National Party had a packed meeting on Thursday 11th of September.

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