By Jean de Valette

The eagerness of left/liberals to bleed their hearts all over the rest of us in connection with immigrants is seen to good effect over their attitude to the Balkan ‘refugee’crisis. 

Eight million, which presumably doesn’t include children born since they arrived here.
We have record numbers of students in our universities and have done for a decade so it begs the question, if we are having to import talent into the UK to fill skills shortages just what on earth are they studying?
I and many others, I’m sure, are receiving emails from your party urging us to become involved in accepting and promoting the NDP (New Democratic Party) programs, policies, and ideals.
Merkel booed in Germany by a German crowd the PC pro-immigration BBC calls" Far Right-” in fact they are just a group of Middle Aged, respectably dressed , Middle Class white Germans – these according to Merkel are the new “Nazis she despises.
I can’t recall any other country having leaders with such open contempt for their electorate than Germany.

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