In many offshoots it appears that to be a true Nationalist you have to be anti Semitic, pro Palestinian, pro Muslim, pro Gay and pro Colour. All of which I am not. We are also being told to celebrate the 100 years since the start of the last war – why celebrate the single most self destructive act that Europe has perpetrated on itself? It is a very sad fact that most if not all these poor young men died for nothing, not even King and Country – but it has always been that way. Soldiers are expendable sad but true and only live on in our memories or their families – however they are used as useful propaganda when the establishment think fit. So does this make me a bad nationalist?
Tony Blair – war criminal and terrorists’ friend to be forced to give evidence to inquiry into sell-out to IRA murder gang. Welcome in its own right, the move brings the possibility of impeachment over the Iraq War a little closer too, writes Nick Griffin
I am honoured to to have been selected to replace Nick Griffin and lead the BNP in this exciting new era.
Michael Gove was unsurprisingly sacked as Education Secretary in Cameron's cabinet reshuffle, (Tuesday 15th July), as the PM tries to placate teachers with a view to ameliorating some of their concerns before the 2015 general election.
A look at the BNP policy on the subject of the Economy.
Not deterred from having the original camp bulldozed and being bussed some 50 miles south, the near all male Muslim illegal immigrants are returning in force to Calais, and in their determination to get to our land have already rebuilt their camp.

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