By Neil Lawson

Like Greece, Spain won’t begin to repair itself, until it exits the EU.

The same goes for the rest of us shackled to this ticking time bomb, the criminally insane construct that is the EU.

The job of the police is to catch thieves, murderers and rapists not to waste time servicing the bizarre social eccentricities of our time.
The SNP's Europe Minister Humza Yousaf is reported to have urged David Cameron to rethink his decision to opt out of helping 40,000 immigrants and asylum seekers.
Our political class do not represent the British people. They treat us with contempt and puppets to be manipulated.
Nominations for the British National Party leadership election are now open.
Labour in the news again and for all the wrong reasons its beleaguered leadership will no doubt feel.
The current boom of the last ten to fifteen years has been funded by debt, so much debt that it now exceeds the world's earnings.
The first duty of any government is the safety of its people.
It says something about Britain these days when an organisation considers replacing a chapel with a mosque even though its still actively used by Christians.
In 2010 there appeared a book with the title of Mayday! Mayday! (Spruce Ridge Publishing) by Canadian radio personality Lowell Green.

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