As they beat the drums of war, do you really want a re-run of 1914?

Do you want to see your son, brother, boyfriend, grandson or husband sent off to die in someone else’s war and to help the international banksters’ put off the collapse of their rotten debt system for a few more years?

With the European election now only just over a month away, even the controlled media are giving the BNP at least a degree of coverage.
On the 1 June 2013 the British National Party sought to lay a wreath at the national memorial to the war dead – the Cenotaph in Whitehall.
These crimes will continue until the establishment in this country have their sons and daughters subject to this foul abuse.
By John Lewesdon - Everyone who has not been to our capital city for fifteen or twenty years is horrified when they take a bus anywhere in the chaos that is now London.
By Harry Sheldon - European Correspondent: The old mass media lie machine is at it again. Sky reports that Jews in Ukraine have been handed anti-Semitic leaflets.
The British National Party would like to take this moment to wish all our readers a Happy St George's Day.
Today, Wednesday the 23rd April we have a Burnley Day of Action followed by an evening Blackpool North West election launch and planning meeting. Join us there.
Video: Party Chairman and North West MEP Nick Griffin speaks at a South East election fundraiser.
In this video from Strasbourg, filmed during session on Thursday the 17th April, BNP MEP Nick Griffin tells the European Parliament the real truth about the situation on the ground after visiting the country twice last Summer.
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